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Dallas Foundation Repair Company

PierMagic® is the company to call in Dallas for foundation repair. From foundation repair to slab and foundation piering, PierMagic® can handle it all. We have been repairing foundations since 2007 and we specialize in:

Foundation Crack Repair in Dallas

Water and expansive clay soil can cause foundation problems in many Dallas area homes. To keep moisture away from your foundation, we can build a waterproof barrier around the foundation wall. After carefully removing soil around the foundation, we install a waterproof barrier. We replace the soil with gravel, which allows the water to drain away from the foundation and won’t expand or contract with moisture changes. Without the changes in pressure, the foundation will be stable. Call us for Dallas foundation repair and we will visit your home for a free foundation repair inspection and consultation.

DynaPier® – The Best Foundation Piering System in the Industry

When foundation piering is necessary, PierMagic® has the best foundation piering system in the industry. Our exclusive, patent-pending DynaPier® system is so good it comes with a lifetime, transferrable warranty. That means is you move from your Dallas home, the warranty transfers to the new owners. How can we be so confident? It’s all in our DynaPier® System. The DynaPier® system combines steel and high-strength concrete for superior shear strength and compression resistance. These interlocking pieces are added until the bottom hits bedrock. Add to these materials the fact that the pier is located directly under the foundation (not attached to the sides like other foundation piering methods) for maximum support. There is simply no room for  movement and the result is a better, stronger foundation than your home’s original foundation. For more information on the benefits of our exclusive DynaPier™ Foundation Piering System, read our blog.

The Only Dallas Foundation Repair Company with Lifetime Warranty

PierMagic’s DynaPier® system is the only foundation piering system in the foundation repair industry that has a lifetime, transferrable warranty. We guarantee your foundation repair forever. If you move from your Dallas home, the foundation repair warranty will transfer to the new owners. A PierMagic® foundation is stronger than your home’s original foundation.

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