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Fort Worth Home Foundation Repair Specialists

Fort Worth’s number one foundation repair company is PierMagic®. At PierMagic® we’re not only experts in foundation repair and foundation piering, we’re also experts at dealing with the expansive clay soils that are found throughout the Fort Worth area. If your foundation is settling or cracking, PierMagic® is the foundation company to call. We specialize in:Fort Worth Texas Foundation Repair Company

How to Know if Your Foundation Has Shifted

When your foundation moves, it causes many problems with your home. Most Jackson homeowners know to look for cracks in their foundation, but those are not the only signs of foundation trouble you can see. Look for nail pops and wrinkling wallpaper for signs of moving walls. Separations between walls and ceilings are another indicator of movement. Gaps between crown molding pieces, gaps between caulking and doors and windows are also common signs. Cracks in interior walls especially around windows and doors are a sure sign as are sunken floors and patios that have separated from the home. Doors and windows that stick or are hard to open and close mean your walls have shifted. If you see any of these signs, give us a call for a free foundation inspection.

Foundation Repair for Life with the PierMagic DynaPierTM System

What is the DynaPier® Sytem? DynaPier® is the best foundation piering system in the industry. We start with segments of high-strength concrete pre-cast in a steel sleeve. This combination makes the segments extremely strong (independent testing labs have confirmed its strength) and able to resist compression pressure. These segments are driven into the ground one after the other until the bottom piece hits bedrock. Because it won’t bend, and the bedrock won’t move, it actually exceeds your home’s original structural integrity. For an in-depth comparison of the DynaPier® and other common foundation piers, read our blog.

A True Lifetime Warranty in the Foundation Repair Business

At PierMagic®, we are very proud of our revolutionary DynaPier® System. It’s one of the only foundation piering systems in the entire industry that comes with a lifetime, transferrable warranty with no exclusions. Most other warranties have several exclusions that cancel the warranty. That’s not the case with us! If you move from your Fort Worth home, the foundation warranty will transfer to the new owners. That’s how confident we are that our DynaPier® System will hold.

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