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Foundation Repair in McKinney Texas

McKinney Texas Foundation Repair CompanyPierMagic® professionals specialize exclusively in home foundation repair and slab repair. Our technical experts can help residents in McKinney, Texas who are dealing with homes that are in need of foundation piering or slab piering.

We Use the Patent-Pending DynaPier System

The DynaPier® system was expertly designed by the company’s founder and is the leading foundation piering system in the industry. The components are reinforced with concrete and steel and provide unmatched strength and durability. Unlike other repair attempts that attach lateral supports that soon succumb to the forces of gravity, the DynaPier® system works with gravity to create a firm and stable foundation. Your home sits on top of the pier for maximum support. The revolutionary DynaPier® system uses a design that employs interlocking concrete segments that are precast in a steel sleeve. The supports are placed directly under the home’s slab, footing or foundation with no loose components that can result in slippage. Our professionals now offer this unique and effective mode of foundation piering and slab piering to residents in areas like McKinney, Texas.

How Do You Know You Need Foundation or Slab Repair?

Foundation problems are evident when you begin to notice problems such as sticking doors, bowing walls and cracks in the foundation, drywall and basement walls. When the stability of a home’s foundation is in question, it is important to seek out a competent and experienced expert in foundation repair. Since PierMagic® uses the DynaPier® System that supports the home’s foundation centrally rather than laterally, the prospect of future foundation repair work needed for your McKinney home is almost zero. The reinforced segments are driven deep into the ground until bedrock is reached before the home is restabilized on the new, resilient foundation. At PierMagic®, we stand by our high quality repair work and we are happy to provide references including past customers who can attest to the precision work we have provided.

DynaPier Works for Slab Repair and Foundation Repair

PierMagic’s services also include slab repair. The clay soils that are prevalent around McKinney, Texas wreak havoc on a home’s concrete slab. Our experienced professionals can determine whether or not your house’s slab needs piering or repair and provide expert quality service. The DynaPier® System works as well for slab piering as foundation piering.

Foundation Repairs with a Lifetime Warranty – Believe It

PierMagic® is confident that our customers in McKinney, Texas will be left more than satisfied with any foundation repair or slab piering work that is completed. We are so confident, in fact, that we provide a lifetime warranty with each completed job. Our employees utilize an extensive background knowledge in soil mechanics to properly repair and pier foundations and slabs to be even stronger than those found in new construction. Rest assured, PierMagic® is the last foundation repair company you will ever call.