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At PierMagic® Foundation Specialists, we take a holistic approach to basement waterproofing in Kansas City and the KC metro. Water entry into a basement is not only a major headache and threat to your belongings, but it is also a sign that the overall health of your foundation may be at risk for serious structural problems. Most foundation issues result from water and its interaction with surrounding soils. We take the time to figure out what is causing the leak to be able to recommend the best basement waterproofing solution.

Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Waterproofing in Kansas City, MO

Free Consultation on Kansas City Basement Waterproofing

Foundation cracks can be caused by many things – fill dirt settles, heavy or consistent rain can cause the earth to shift, even poor workmanship or construction materials could be at fault. We see all of these problems in the Kansas City and Missouri metro areas. Our diagnosis will help determine the best course of action. Any good basement crack repair company will first determine the cause, then suggest a solution. There are many different approaches to eliminate a leaking basement, most of which are completely viable options. Our objective is to recommend the best repair method for you and your home.

Crack Sealing to Waterproof Interior Basement Walls

When the crack is inside, we can seal it with an injection of epoxy or urethane. This will form a waterproof barrier. While crack sealing is the fastest and least expensive way to stop a basement leak, it is also ultimately temporary. When the foundation moves again, the crack will be compromised and the leak may return.

We Can Build a Waterproof Barrier Around the Basement Wall Exterior

The ideal circumstance for your foundation is to have a consistent moisture content in the soils all the way around your home. To achieve this, we install a waterproofing barrier and replace the soils with a new footing drain and gravel, leaving just enough soil on top for vegetation and landscaping. This does several beneficial things; it will not allow water to be held around the foundation and the gravel is stable, unlike the expansive soils. This removes the tremendous pressure on the wall and keeps the foundation from shifting and causing cracks. It is also important to keep that moisture content consistent throughout the weather cycles. Have us come out and give you a free consultation on the things you can do to achieve these goals. If you see any cracks in your basement walls that concern you, don’t hesitate to call. PierMagic® offers free foundation repair inspections in the entire Kansas City metro area, so call us right away. The sooner you repair the crack, the less damage & expense you will have to deal with.

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