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There are a few things less shocking to a homeowner than water intrusion. The structural damage of water intrusion is potentially dangerous to the strength of the home and the household’s health. The cost could mean that you have to replace the insulation, drywall, and framing, among other features. Additionally, the plumber may need a couple of visits to remediate the mold thoroughly.

Preventive assistance will help mitigate the severity of a basement waterproofing in Overland Park. Take heed of the following signs by calling PierMagic Foundation Specialists:

  • Water collections in the basement
  • Leaks from the walls and floor
  • Condensation on doors and windows
  • Water stains on the floor or walls
  • Warped or swelling doors
  • Presence of mildew or mold
  • Cracking of walls or the floor
  • A persistent smell of dampness 

Costs of various types of basement waterproofing in Overland Park

One should get estimates that are both reasonable and adequate for a satisfactory waterproofing project. You are likely to get excellent results by working with a firm that conducts thorough evaluations of the home. Do not fall into high-pressure sales tactics that sway your decision and fail to cover the most foundational principles of basement waterproofing.

Types of basement waterproofing

The kind of solution you install depends on the home’s unique structure and the construction of the foundation system. It is important to note one kind of repair may not be enough for all conditions.

The majority of basement seepages are a combination of events. One basement may have cracked walls, improper backfilling, clogged drains, and movement of the foundation walls. The following services are standard in offering optimum results:

Waterproof primer

Sealing a crack with a primer or paint is more of a cosmetic sealant than a permanent solution. The technician can only use this option in combination with another waterproofing process.

Crack injections

This approach is usually suitable when the seepage originates from the walls and not the floor. It is not long-lasting when used to seal masonry foundations like stone, bricks or cinder bricks. More so, some companies consider this option to be a temporary fix and not a permanent one. The typical cost of crack injections is approximately between $300 and $500.

Exterior excavation

This method involves excavating six to feet down the foundation’s wall footer. The technician may have to install a new drainage tile or system so that the water does not reenter the old channel. Exterior waterproofing may involve more than one wall or foundation, depending on the extent of the damage. Standard exterior waterproofing services include

  • Addition of a sealant
  • Yard grading
  • Crack repairs
  • Installing a drainage system

PierMagic Foundation Specialists take a comprehensive approach to minimize the look of a repaired appearance. Exterior excavation is an excellent option for homes that are in low water table areas. The average range of cost is between $80 and $100 for each linear foot.

Interior excavation waterproofing

This method usually costs less than exterior waterproofing. It addresses the hydrostatic pressure of the surface and often only handles a basement surface that already has water intrusion. Some contractors refer to this method as water control or management. Interior waterproofing typically involves the following procedures:

  • Installing the floor drain
  • Installing the sump dump
  • Application of the sealant

The contractor excavates four to eighteen inches in the basement to install a drainage pipe that directs the water to a sump pump system. The contractor should have enough knowledge of the foundation to minimize the damage of a finished basement. The typical costs of interior excavation waterproofing fall between $50 and $75.

Rigid foam insulation

Contractors do not always consider this to be a repair mechanism because its purpose is to offer extra resistance against water intrusion in the future. The most common choice of insulation is using fiberglass or XPS by blowing or spraying it in.

Blanket foam insulation is cost-effective and typically involves a few common materials and techniques. These options are viable because they are highly resistant to water and mold; hence they prevent the development and spread of drywall by a substantial amount.

Other pricing conditions

It is important to note that waterproofing may not be part of your homeowner’s insurance. The coverage may only cater to aboveground water intrusion and damage by faulty sump pumps and appliances.

The perquisite of working with a verified and experienced contractor is that you will not need to re-do the basement waterproofing in Overland Park for a long time. Additionally, you will receive a sufficient warranty coverage to protect your finances in the rare event of another damage.

basement waterproofing Overland Park
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