Advantages of the DynaPier® System

Foundation Piering Service

DynaPier System

There is more than one way to pier a foundation. But we believe the DynaPier® system is the best and there are several reasons why. Let’s compare other traditional foundation piering systems and you’ll see the advantages of the DynaPier® system.
  1. Offset Steel Piers - offset steel piers must be attached to the footing of the foundation. This means that the pier is offset (leaning from the outside edge of the foundation inward toward the middle of the building) which causes uneven loading. It also compromises the footing where it is attached.
  2. Helical Piers – helical piers are also attached to the footing on the side of the foundation and screwed into the ground below the foundation. Once again, this results in uneven loading, and the footing is compromised.
  3. Concrete Pilings – concrete pilings are another option. Unfortunately, the concrete pilings under the foundation are subject to a fluctuating moisture zone and not set on bedrock.
  4. The DynaPier® System – the DynaPier® system is centered directly beneath the foundation wall and driven deep enough to reach solid bedrock.
  Advantages of the DynaPier® System
  • Pier is located centrally and directly beneath the foundation footing instead of attached to the outside of the footing.
  • ALL parts are connected to form a monolithic unit.
  • ALL shims are contained within the pier cap.
  • Installation does not require removal or breaking of the footing. The footing remains completely intact.
  We’re not the only ones who believe the DynaPier® system is superior. Willard S. Norton, P.E., a partner at Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers, LLC agrees. “Because its design incorporates concentric loading of the pier during installation and support of the foundation, and is filled with a concrete mix that tests in excess of 3500 p.s.i., it has the capacity to punch through rock floaters to solid bearing without being turned away from the vertical position.” The DynaPier® achieves the greatest depth while installed in a position to provide the greatest support, it is the strongest foundation pier in the industry. The result is a foundation that far exceeds the home’s original structural integrity. The foundation is actually BETTER than new. That’s why PierMagic® can offer a foundation lifetime warranty that is fully transferable. With PierMagic®, your foundation is good – forever.