Basement Waterproofing vs. Epoxy Injection

Basement Waterproofing vs. Epoxy InjectionBasement Waterproofing vs. Epoxy Injection?

This time of year we get a lot of phone calls from homeowners with water in their basement. Unfortunately, several calls come from people that have had other foundation repair companies waterproof their basement, and yet they still have water in the basement. This is because the problem was not fixed properly. To effectively keep the water out, the problem must be properly diagnosed. Several foundation repair companies will offer a quick and cheap epoxy injection to stop the leaks, but this does not always work. Epoxy crack injection can be used on minor foundation cracks, but if water is getting in, the foundation likely has structural issues. Epoxy injection does not fix the structural issues allowing the water to infiltrate the foundation walls.

Epoxy Does Not Always Keep Water Out

Cracks in the foundation walls typically mean there is a structural problem. For example, if there is too much hydrostatic pressure on a foundation wall, the wall can crack and leak water. Putting epoxy on the crack can stop the leak temporarily, but it doesn't take the pressure off of the wall. The excessive pressure is the main problem that is causing the wall to crack and leak. If this isn't fixed properly the wall will crack and leak again, it's only a matter of time. The best way to fix this issues is to alleviate the pressure on the wall, install a waterproofing membrane on the wall, and then to install a drain tile system to channel the water away from the wall. This fixes the structural issues and provides a permanent solution to the water in the basement. At PierMagic®, we believe in fixing the problem correctly the first time. Our basement waterproofing services will keep water out of your basement for good, and we stand behind them with the best warranties in the business. So if there is water leaking into your basement, call us today. We will keep the water out for good. Contact PierMagic for a free home estimate