Best Warranty in the Universe

PierMagic has Best WarrantyAt PierMagic® Foundation Specialists we believe in fixing foundation problems right the first time. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty with no exclusions on our foundation piers. What does this mean exactly? We not only fix your foundation once and for all, we back up our work with a lifetime warranty! Lots of companies offer warranties. What makes PierMagic’s warranty so much better? Let us break it down for you:

Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime is a long time. So it would stand to reason that a “lifetime” warranty would last as long as the person who purchased it is alive. But we said our warranty is the best in the universe. Our warranty not only lasts the life of the person who bought it, but it lasts the life of the home. ??? Wait, does that mean that if the original owner of the home sells that home to another person, PierMagic will still stand behind their warranty? YES!

Transferable Warranty

We not only guarantee our work for life, we even make that guarantee transferable to future owners should you move from your home. It’s that reliable! Our foundation piers will not fail. By now, you’re thinking: “This sounds too good to be true. There must be a catch.” There is no catch.

No Exclusions Warranty

There are several foundation repair companies that claim to offer a lifetime warranty on their piers. Often, these warranties come with all kinds of exclusions that void the warranty. Legally, an exclusion is a specific condition, circumstance, or situation usually listed in a contract as being not covered. In other words, we could say our warranty only lasts for a specific amount of time, like ten years. Or we could say it doesn’t cover foundation repair on clay soil. Or it only covers the owners of the home while they own it. Our lifetime warranty has NO exclusions.

No Warranty Crew

Other companies claim that they have a better warranty crew and that they handle warranty work better than we do. At PierMagic® we don’t have a warranty crew because we don’t need one. We fix the problem once and for all. Lifetime Warranty

The Best Piering System in the Industry

So by now, you must be asking what is it that allows us to have this incredible warranty that no other foundation piering company can offer? It’s our exclusive foundation pier - The DynaPier®. The DynaPier® system has revolutionized the way foundation problems are handled. While other approaches to foundation repair rely on lateral attachment to the foundation which is prone to fail, because the laws of gravity constantly work against it.

DynaPier® Makes Gravity Work for It Not Against It

Because the DynaPier® system is located centrally and directly beneath the load/footing and foundation, it makes gravity work for it, instead of against it. The interlocking segments, comprised of high-strength concrete pre-cast in a steel sleeve, provide superior shear strength and compressive resistance. The segments are hydraulically driven into the ground until the foundation pier hits bedrock or a dense layer of subsurface material that provides maximum support. Centrally placed, support structures are the most effective way to level the house, and the probability of future foundation repairs is practically zero. These piers aren’t going anywhere!

When it comes to choosing the company to fix your foundation, choose the only company that offers a transferable lifetime warranty with no exclusions. Call PierMagic® today at (855) 702-1200 or contact us online. We’ll be the last foundation repair company you call.