Can A Tree Falling Cause Foundation Problems

Can A Tree Falling Cause Foundation Problems

Summertime is the time of year we can sit outside in the warm air sitting under a big Kansas City shade tree. Feeling the cool breeze in the hot summer air can spark all kinds of great memories.

What happens to trees when a storm strikes suddenly?Shade Tree with Fountain

When a storm that has high winds, microburst or tornados strike can cause a lot of damage to trees and power lines. Property can be damaged from storms as well. But, what can happen to a home foundation from a fallen tree?

Uprooted Trees Causing Foundation Problems

As a mature tree is uprooted, it can potentially cause significant damage to the foundation of a house.

Tree roots are always searching for water and nutrients. A tree is always seeking water and nutrients. If they cannot find water they extend themselves until they can reach the moisture they need.

When the roots grow the soil moves causing the dirt to become more dense.

Four Ways Trees Can Impact Your Home Foundation

A root system can spread as far under the soil as the tree is tall. If a tree is close to your house the root system can bury itself under the foundation of your home. This can do many things to your home’s foundation.

  • Absorb the moisture in the soil around the foundation
  • Cause soil to shrink around the property
  • Cause foundation cracks
  • Cause settling in around the home

When a tree falls the root systems can pull up through the ground. If anything is in the way of the root system it can disrupt that area. Damage can be found in soil, a home or concrete around the effected area. This will cause voids in the area of where the roots had grown.

Foundation Problems Due to Plants Around The House

Foundation problems caused by plantsShrubs and decorative plants can also cause issues to a foundation. During the dry season plants and shrubs will absorb all available moisture in the ground. The best thing to do as a homeowner is to add about 2 - 4 inches of mulch under the plants to help the soil maintain moisture.

Often times homeowners have plant beds around your house it is best to keep the beds watered in the hot summer months. A soaker hose would be preferred. Leave the soaker hose on for at least 30 minutes. This will feed your plants and keep the soil around your foundation moist.

Contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists

If you have experienced a tree loss due to high winds caused by a microburst, tornado or straight line winds you will want to call an arborist first. In the event you felt your foundation move because of the tree falling, call PierMagic Foundation Specialists. We will inspect your foundation. All of our estimates are free to homeowners. Call us at 816-765-4800.