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Foundation Repair Work Project in Overland Park

December 10th, 2015 by
Hole Dug for Foundation Pier InstallationAt PierMagic® we like to educate the general public about common foundation repair issues so that when their home is in need of repair, they know what to do. We recently finished up a job in Overland Park in which they needed a lot of foundation repair work.

Home Foundation Quick Tips

Foundation problems do occur and when they do call your local repair experts at PierMagic®. Don't panic there are some instances where minor repairs are all that is needed. If you want to get a few estimates, be sure to call only reputable foundation repair companies that know what they are doing and have been around for a while. Don't worry about the cost of the estimate, at PierMagic®, we do free home estimates for homeowners.

The Project

DynaPier Foundation Pier Installed Under the FootingWe recently repaired a home in Overland Park. The customer had some major foundation issues including, cracks on the interior walls from a settling foundation. They also had a bowed basement wall caused by too much pressure from the soil. The pressure on the basement wall had also caused some minor cracks, which had some water leaks. They also needed two new window wells and a sump pump installed. We were able to accommodate them completely.

Wall Push Back & Sump Pump Installation

Wall Push Back, Wall Bracing and Epoxy InjectionFor the bowing walls we dug up around the foundation down to the footing. Next, we used tie back anchors to bring the wall back to its original position. We backfilled the soil around the structure with gravel.. The gravel is non expansive and will not put pressure on the wall when the soil swells due to the weather. We installed steel I beam wall braces to prevent any chance of future movement. We then used epoxy crack injections to seal the cracks on the walls to prevent any water leaks and installed a sump pump with a battery back up.

Pier Installation

Holes Dug for Foundation Pier InstallationWe also installed six piers. To do this we dug six, three foot by three foot holes down until we were under the footing. We pushed our DynaPier® foundation piers into the ground until we reached bedrock or hard strata. Then, we lifted the house up, bringing it level. After that we back filled the holes and cleaned the job site. The DynaPier® piers are so strong, once they are installed they will last forever. So when you have home foundation problems call PierMagic®.

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