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Mudjacking or Polyjacking – What’s the Difference?

February 18th, 2019 by
Looking for a cure for sinking concrete slabs, driveways, porches or garages? Mudjacking is the traditional answer. However, polyjacking has several distinct benefits over its older counterpart mudjacking. Most mudjacking or slab jacking is done by injecting a cement grout mixture under the slanted or cracked slab to support and raise it. The cement mixture dries and hardens providing a solid support system from underneath.        

Disadvantages of Mudjacking

Concrete slabs settle due to decomposing soils, erosion and groundwater migration. While mudjacking works, it has a few disadvantages. First of all, it requires heavy equipment, multiple trucks, large drill holes and most importantly, the results may only be temporary. At PierMagic, we’ve found something that works even better than mudjacking...polyjacking.

How Does Polyjacking Differ from Mudjacking?

While injecting cement works well, we use a product that’s even better. We inject structural foam resins instead. These resins are injected using a two-component pump. For simple slab stabilization, we use our Prime Flex 985 series of products. This mixture will fill the voids and cavities by expanding up to 20 times its size (depending on formulation). Polyjacking not only fixes the problem, but it eliminates the cause. Because concrete slabs settle due to decomposing soils, erosion, and groundwater migration, injecting polyurethane resins into these loose soils and voids strengthens the earth and provides watertight encapsulation. Once the soil is consolidated and stabilized, the slabs will remain serviceable for decades.

Advantages of Polyjacking

Polyjacking requires one truck, no heavy equipment, small drill holes and will last much longer. Benefits of PolyJacking  include:
  • Longer lasting solution
  • More durable
  • Requires no heavy machinery
  • Smaller drill holes
  • Cures and dries in minutes instead of days
  • Can be installed in any climate
  • Will not shrink with weather changes
  • Lightweight, will not burden the soil
At PierMagic® we offer polyjacking exclusively instead of mudjacking because the benefits of polyjacking far outweigh mudjacking. In fact, our polyjacking comes with a warranty. So don’t settle for ordinary mudjacking. Demand polyjacking and fix the problem, not just the symptoms. Learn more: click here to download our Poly Jacking brochure. (PDF – 315KB)  

If you need a driveway, porch, sidewalk or garage lifted, call us at (855) 702-1200 or contact us online for a free estimate.