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Prevent Water from Destroying Your Home: 3 Steps

December 23rd, 2013 by

Picture of water causing damage to home's foundation.Expansive clay soil. According to Don Carter, structural engineer, this type of soil behaves a lot like play dough: it shrinks when it dries and swells when it’s wet. However with thousands of homes built on this type of soil throughout the country each year, the management of water around your home becomes very crucial. How do you prevent water from destroying your home? PierMagic® put together three helpful tips for you.

1.    Clean Your Home’s Gutters 

First things first, make sure that your home has gutters. Why? During a big rain, a residential roof can potentially withstand 2,000 gallons of water. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your gutters are clean and taper to a downspout. By directing water to a specific area, you minimize the opportunities for it to gather in unwanted places and cause foundation problems. PierMagic® recommends adding additional downspouts that are adjacent to roof valleys.

2.    Examine the Patio, Porch, Sidewalk & Driveway

Take a look at the angling of your home’s patio, porch, sidewalk and driveway. They are often tilted toward the house, which can cause numerous foundation problems. “This situation,” according to Carter, “can shed 5,000 gallons of water against walls a heavy rain.” What is the solution to reverse this tilt? Mudjacking. This will help to ensure that water is flowing away from the home. Learn more about mudjacking: Not All Mudjacking is the Same.

3.    Inspect Your Home’s Land & Landscape

When it comes to protecting your home from foundation troubles, it will pay off to take the doings of Mother Nature into your own hands. What do we mean? When properties surrounding your home are on higher land more times than not the rain runoff will end up in your yard. Don Carter suggests creating a ditch to intercept flow and channel it around the house.

Keep your home protected from water damage by following these three steps from PierMagic®. If your home is in need of mudjacking or foundation repair, give PierMagic® a call today.