Drought Induced Foundation Problems-13 Signs to Look for

  Pier magic 13 signs to look for in drought induced foundation The recent dry weather has wreaked havoc on many basements in many parts of the country, including Overland Park, KS. foundations, has wreaked havoc on many structures. As the soil dries, it shrinks and no longer supports the foundations of buildings. When foundations shift, they cause damage to buildings both on the inside and outside. The sooner you deal with foundation problems, the less expensive it will be. The longer they are allowed to go on, the worse the damage to your structure may get. Many home and business owners have early indicators of foundation problems that they may not notice unless someone points them out. Here are some signs to look for in your home. Nail Pops – when drywall shifts, it can cause the nails holding it to the 2x4s to pop loose and stick out. Curling or Wrinkling Wallpaper – When walls shift, they pull the wallpaper with them. Molding – crown molding will separate and crack when the walls attached to it move. Windows & Doors that Stick – if your windows are hard to open or your doors drag the ground when swung wide, settling has caused the frame to move out of square. Caulking – look at exterior caulking for signs it has pulled away from windows, doors and brick walls. Sunken Floors – check the corner where the floor and walls come together. If there is a space between the two, the floor is sinking. Gaps between Walls & Ceilings – when floors sink, many times walls drop as well. Look for separation between the ceilings and walls. This can also be caused by walls rotating. Cracks in Interior Walls-shifting foundations cause cracks. Look for cracks between the corners of doors and windows and the ceiling. Cracks Around the Fireplace – when the wall moves, the fireplace stays stationary causing cracks to form in the drywall around the fireplace. Cracks in Exterior Walls-brick and mortar will show cracks when the foundation shifts. Also look for windows and doors to pull away from brick walls. Patios- check for cracks and uneven elevations where the home attaches to the patio. Cracks in Foundations – walk around your house and inspect the foundation for cracks both outside and inside (if your basement isn’t finished). Cracks in Basement Floors – some small hairline cracks are normal, but if it is separated or if moisture is getting in, you have a structural problem. The important thing is to find these problems early and fix them before they cause damage that will cost you even more to fix. Patching, caulking and repainting are simply temporary cures and merely symptoms of a much bigger problem. If you think your home in Overland Park needs foundation or epoxy crack repairs, don’t put it off. Call one of our foundation experts for a free inspection and find out what you can do before it’s too late.