Many Homes in the Midwest Will Experience Foundation Problems Due to Expansive Soil

Foundation Problems“About half the houses built every year in the U.S. are founded on expansive clays. Half of those will eventually show some distress. Of the houses with expansive clay problems, chances are 1 in 5 that the house will become seriously affected.” – Richard Handy, Ph.D.

Fix It Once with the Best Piering System

25% of new U.S. homes will experience foundation distress. While that statistic is alarming, if you live in the Midwest, the numbers are even higher. That’s because expansive soil (clay) is more prevalent in the Midwest. Clay soil expands and contracts greatly based on how much moisture it absorbs. In wet conditions, clay expands putting pressure on surrounding foundations. When the weather is dry, it contracts, leaving foundations unsupported. This back and forth causes foundations in clay soils to move much more than foundations built on more stable soil types. If you happen to be one of the homeowners whose home is built on clay soil, you will have to decide how to fix your home to prevent further damage. At PierMagic®, we recommend using the DynaPier® system for foundation repairs. Our piers come with a lifetime warranty.

Advantages of the DynaPier® System

The DynaPier® System is the strongest foundation pier on the market. Its strength exceeds offset steel piers, helical piers, and concrete pilings. Here are the advantages of the DynaPier® System:
  • Pier is located centrally and directly beneath the foundation footing instead of attached to the outside of the footing.
  • ALL parts are connected to form a monolithic unit.
  • ALL shims are contained within the pier cap.
  • Installation does not require removal or breaking of the footing. The footing remains completely intact.
The DynaPier® achieves the greatest depth while being installed in a position to provide the greatest support, it is the strongest foundation pier in the industry.

Signs of Foundation Problems

How do you know if your foundation is in need of repair? A few signs to look for include:
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Cracks in the exterior or interior walls
  • Displaced or cracked moldings
  • Wall rotation
  • Tears in wallpaper
  • Cracks in the flooring
  • Doors or windows that do not open or close properly.
If you think that you have a foundation issue, give your local PierMagic® a call to schedule a free consultation.

How to Choose a Foundation Repair Company

PierMagic® has been in business since 2007 and we know better than anyone that it is important to choose a foundation repair company that not only is an expert in the field but is one that you can trust. We recommend following these tips to ensure that you choose the right foundation repair company, even if it isn’t us: How to Choose a Foundation Repair Company.

For more information about your home’s foundation or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at (855) 702-1200.