Foundation Repair Tips for Buying a Home

Foundation Tips for Buying a HomeFoundation Repair Before Buying A House

We often get asked if there are certain parts of the city that people should avoid when buying a home. Home buyers want to know if particular areas of the city are more at risk to needing foundation repair. It is an important question for home buyers because they are about to make the biggest investment of their lives and want to make an informed decision before purchasing. There is not one specific area of any city that we service that is more at risk. We service the entire metro and surrounding areas of each city including Kansas City. However we do have a few tips for anyone looking to purchase a home.
  • Be careful when buying a home with large trees close to the home. Tree roots can grow into the foundation of a home and cause foundation damage.
  • Pay attention to the grading of the yard, it is important that the yard slope away from the foundation so that water does not pool near the foundation and cause damage.
  • It is normal for a home to have some slight settling from summer to winter due to the changes in the soil. Cracks in the drywall are a sign of a possible foundation repair needs. However, most houses do get a few cracks in the drywall. Look for large cracks or an excessive amount of cracks.
  • Unlevel floors are another sign of foundation settlement, but again if it is only slight then it could be normal settlement. It is best to have a trained technician evaluate a home to be sure the foundation is strong.
  • Look for gaps between the molding and the walls, this could be a sign of the foundation settling.
  • Examine the foundation walls and look for any walls that might be bowing inward.
It is always best to have a trained professional evaluate a foundation to ensure it is in good condition. Please contact us with any questions.