H2O No! How to Deal with Water in Your Basement

When water gets into your basement, you’ve got problems. Not only do you have to get it dry, you have to get it fixed. You need an expert to diagnose the problem and implement the correct solution. Foundation cracks can be caused by many things – but almost always, they are due to water interacting with the soil around the foundation. Heavy rains can cause the soil to swell. Fill dirt can settle. Droughts can cause the soil supporting the foundation to pull away. Occasionally, poor quality materials or construction is the culprit. Our PierMagic® basement waterproofing experts know exactly what to look for. We take the time to figure out what is causing the leak to be able to recommend the best solution. But before you call us, try these fast and easy solutions. Quick-Fixes to Stop Basement Leaks 1. Increase the Slope of your Ground - Keep water out by making it easier for it to go somewhere else. Make sure water can get away from your foundation. After a heavy rain, take a short walk around your home. Look for standing water. Standing water means you have low spots. If these low spots are near your foundation, the water can leak in. Make sure the ground around your house slopes away from your foundation. Bring in more dirt if you have to. Or remove dirt to create a slope. Ideally, firmly tamped dirt should have a gentle but noticeable slope away from the house for at least 2 or 3 feet. 2. Extend Downspouts - Check your downspouts. Downspouts direct a lot of water and you want to make sure they are directing it away from your home. You can add downspout extensions if the water is being dumped too close to your foundation. If these simple solutions don’t solve the problem, call a professional. 3. Call PierMagic® for Crack Sealing- Crack sealing is a temporary fix at best. When you see a crack from inside your basement, we seal it with an injection of epoxy. The epoxy forms a waterproof barrier. This barrier will keep the water out until the foundation shifts again. Depending on the causes of your foundation problem, crack sealing could last several months or more, but you must keep a close eye on the crack to detect any new leaks. Crack sealing is the fastest and least expensive way to stop a basement leak, but it is only a quick fix. The real problem will need to be addressed. For a Permanent Solution to Basement Leaks, We Build a Waterproof Barrier The best solution is for your foundation is to have consistent moisture all the way around your home. We can install a waterproofing barrier and then replace the soil around your foundation with a new footing drain and gravel. We leave enough soil on top for grass or landscaping plants to grow so your foundation looks normal. The two big advantages to building a waterproof barrier are that because the gravel drains quickly, it doesn’t allow water to build up around the foundation. Also, the gravel is stable unlike soil which expands and contracts with the level of moisture it receives. Gravel won’t put pressure on the on the wall and keeps the foundation from shifting and causing cracks. Gravel can keep the moisture level consistent throughout the weather cycles. PierMagic® Will Give You a Free Basement Waterproofing Consultation If you see any cracks in your basement walls, or notice water anywhere, don’t hesitate to call. PierMagic® offers free foundation repair inspections, so call us right away. We will leave you with a free estimate and our best advice. The longer you wait to repair the problem, the more damage you will have and the more money it will cost to fix it, so call us today. Basement Waterproofing Quick Fixes