Reasons For A Kansas City Foundation Repair Company

On Tuesday October 24, 2017 Jeff Teague, owner of PierMagic Foundation Repair appeared on Fox4 News in Kansas City. Mark Alford interviewed Teague about common causes of foundation issues. Alford started by asking "Did your basement flood?" and "What is the number one cause of (foundation) damage?" In Kansas City we see several common signs for foundation issues.

What are common signs of foundation problems?

  • Cracks in the foundation

  • Cracks in interior walls

  • Doors and Windows sticking

  • Water coming into your basement

  • Improper Drainage around the outside of your home

  • Bowed Walls

  • Uneven floors

What causes foundation problems in houses?

Water Around Foundation Foundation problems in houses happen due to soil expanding or contracting. Too much water can cause the soil around your home to swell. If there isn't enough wanter around the base of your house the dirt can shrink. The problem with too much water is when only a portion of your soil under your property swells or expands. This causes that area to be wetter than the other portion of soil.

Issues with a wet foundation?

  1. Poor Drainage
  2. Slope Grade around your house
  3. Poor Pre-Construction compaction of your foundation
The problem with dry soil is that it will shrink. Once the dirt has shrunk under your home foundation it will cause gaps or voids. Dry Soil Over time these voids will cause cracks in the concrete and begin to cause settling of your home. Foundation repairs can be costly depending on how severe the issues are. It is best to schedule an appointment for a free estimate when you notice any of these warning signs around your property.

Tips to select a good foundation repair company

  • Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Business Reviews
  • Warranty Provided
  • Customer Service
  • Experience
  • Hire a Company That Can Produce References
  • Research The Company
  • Quality of Product Being Used
For more information please read Five Tips on How To Choose a Foundation Repair Company. If you are seeing any of these signs please contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists for a free estimate.