Landscaping Tips with Your Home’s Foundation in Mind

Landscaping Around Home's Foundation Most people don’t know, but the landscaping around your house can affect your home’s foundation. Both the type of plant and the plant’s location can play a major role in the health of your foundation. So the next time you are landscaping, keep these easy tips in mind to be a foundation savvy planter.

Include Drainage Points in Your Landscaping

Drainage points are the key to ensuring water is directed away from your home’s foundation. It’s important to keep in mind these drainage points need to be large enough to allow water to flow through leaves, mulch, and other debris. Small points will eventually get clogged by this debris and create multiple problems.

Keep Trees Away from Your Home’s Foundation

Trees should remain as far away from the foundation as possible. Why? The main reason is that most trees have extremely long roots. Tree roots can eventually extend out one to two times the height of the tree itself. Knowing this, we recommend installing root barrier to keep tree roots from your foundation or, in extreme cases, removing the tree from your yard and planting one farther away.

Slope Foundation Gardens Away from Your Home

Gardens planted along your home’s foundation should all have slopes that are pointed away from the house. When it’s sloped toward your foundation, you create a bed for water to gather. A heavy rainfall can produce standing water and that is the last thing you need around your home. Standing water can turn into much more expensive foundation repairs down the road.

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