Moisture from an Unfinished Basement Can Cause Mold Problems and Decrease Your Home’s Energy Efficiency.

Unfinished BasementThere are many good reasons to finish your basement. You will gain more living area, improve the resale value of your home, and make it look much nicer. But did you know that having an unfinished basement may actually be costing you money? If left unfinished, basements can reduce the indoor air quality of the living areas above, cause moisture-related problems to the structure of the home and increase utility costs. Excess Moisture Makes Your Air Conditioner Work Harder Because homeowners typically don’t want to pay to heat or cool unused space most unfinished basements tend to be quite humid. The excessive moisture poses a number of threats to the home. First, mold thrives in moist places. Secondly, the moisture will attract wood-boring insects like termites that can destroy your home’s structure. Third, where there are insects there are oftentimes rodents. And finally, the moisture seeps into the main level making your air conditioner work harder all season to remove the moisture from the air. This is reflected in your energy bills. Finishing Your Basement Makes Your Home Feel and Smell Better Moisture and humidity in the basement are the result of water evaporating from the soil. Besides the general dampness that seeps through the concrete floor and walls because it is in contact with the soil, if you have any cracks in your basement floor or walls, moisture can also enter through those. When you finish your basement, you seal your floors and walls and add insulation and drywall which help to keep the moisture outside your home. This will make your home healthier by controlling mold growth, wood rot and insect infestation. Another benefit is that it can get rid of any musty smells unfinished basements tend to emit. If you have hardwood floors on your main level, it will help prevent the hardwood floors from warping. Sump Pumps and Drainage Systems Keep Your Basement Dry If your basement had severe water problems, you may also want to install a drainage system along the perimeter of the foundation and a sump pump to keep the ground beneath your basement dry. Obviously, any broken or leaking pipes will introduce moisture and humidity and you want to fix those before finishing the basement. Finishing your basement will keep the temperature, humidity and energy bills at a comfortable level year-round. Call the Professionals at Pier Magic for a Free Basement Inspection If you are considering finishing your basement, it’s best to call one of the foundation professionals at Pier Magic to come inspect it. We solve basement waterproofing and foundation problems every day and we can inspect your basement for free and let you know your best options for sealing it and finishing it and eliminating any future water problems.  From installing sump pumps to drainage systems, we know how to keep moisture out of your basement. Give us a call for a free foundation inspection today.