Not All Mud Jacking Is the Same

Mud Jacking Before and After

Poly Jacking Before and After

What Is Poly Jacking?

Poly Jacking is much like traditional mud jacking. Most mud jacking is done by injecting a mixture of cement and grout under the slab, sidewalk, step, porch, garage or basement floor that needs to be raised. PierMagic® uses a product that’s even better than the traditional grout and cement mixture. We use structural foam resins. These resins are injected using a special, two-component pump. The foam resin mixture fills the voids under the concrete by expanding up to 20 times its size. After expansion, the foam becomes rigid and is strong enough to support heavy loads.

Poly Jacking Is Superior to Traditional Mud Jacking

To really understand the advantage of poly jacking over mud jacking, we must look at what causes slabs to fail in the first place. Decomposing soil, erosion and groundwater migration can all contribute to slab failure. When the soil underneath gets soft or moved away from its original position, it dramatically affects the slab it was supporting. Poly jacking not only fixes the problem, but it eliminates the cause. By injecting polyurethane resins into these loose soils and voids, the soil is strengthened and the poly resin provides watertight encapsulation. Once the soil is consolidated and stabilized, it eliminates the problems with erosion and the slabs will be strong and secure for decades. In fact, PierMagic’s poly jacking comes with a 10-Year Warranty. So don’t settle for ordinary mud jacking. Demand poly jacking from PierMagic® and fix the problem, not just the symptoms.

Don’t Tear Out and Replace – Poly Jack It!

If you have a slab that needs slab jacking, call PierMagic® and ask for our poly jacking service. It’s much cheaper than tearing out and replacing, is better than traditional mud jacking, and we back it with a 10-year warranty. With PierMagic®, you know the job will be done right, so call us today for any poly jacking needs you have.