3 Amazing Things That Make PierMagic’s Lifetime Warranty the Very Best

PierMagic Lifetime WarrantyThere are several foundation repair companies that claim to offer a lifetime warranty on their piers. Often, these warranties come with all kinds of exclusions that void the warranty. Our lifetime warranty has no exclusions. We do the job right the first time and offer the best foundation pier available.

Fully Transferable Warranty

Our lifetime warranty is fully transferable to the new owners when it comes time to sell the house. What that means, in a nutshell, is that we warranty the work, not just the homeowner who originally paid for it. That means our foundation repair warranty is good forever. Name another company who stands behind their work forever.  

We Have No Warranty Crew

Other foundation repair companies claim that they have a better warranty crew. They also claim they handle warranty work better than us. At PierMagic® we don’t have a warranty crew because we don’t have warranty work. We fix the problem once and for all. Most foundation repair companies that claim to have lifetime warranties, have full time crews to handle their warranty work. Which means that in a couple of years when their piers fail due to the soil settling, they come back to your property. They will dig up the foundation and replace the pier that failed with another pier that will eventually fail. When it comes to choosing the company to fix your foundation, choose the only company that offers a lifetime warranty with no exclusions.  

We Have DynaPier®

Our piering system is simply the best in the business. The interlocking, DynaPier® segments are comprised of high-strength concrete that is pre-cast in a steel sleeve providing superior shear strength and compressive resistance as proven by independent testing labs. The outer casing is filled with a concrete core, and cured for maximum hardness. The pier segments are hydraulically driven into the ground one at a time until they reach bedrock or a dense stratum of subsurface material providing maximum support. Many other piers rely on the earth for support. Dirt moves. Rock doesn’t. The DynaPier® does not slip, sink, or buckle under pressure. They simply support your house like they’re designed to do. So there you have it. If you’re looking for the best foundation repair available, look no further than PierMagic® and our amazing DynaPier® system with a fully transferable, lifetime warranty. If you don’t believe us, do your homework and see what the other guys are using.

If you need foundation repair, there’s only one company to count on. Call PierMagic® at (855) 702-1200 or contact us online.