Polyjacking in Greenwood, MO

Patio Before Polyjacking Services from PierMagic Foundation SpecialistsBenefits of Polyjacking Concrete Slabs

We recently finished a project for a customer in Greenwood, MO. Their back patio had sunk about 9” and needed to be lifted and leveled. We polyjacked the patio up 9” and leveled it, adding a slope away from the home to channel rain water away from the home's foundation. The patio had a negative slope toward the home which was allowing rain water to pool around the home's foundation. This increases the chance of water getting into the basement and can also lead to further foundation damage.

Cost Efficient Service

Our professional polyjacking services are quick and inexpensive and work more efficiently than mudjacking. We service the Kansas City area.

Why Use Polyjacking Instead of Mudjacking

Patio After Polyjacking Services from PierMagic Foundation SpecialistsWe use polyurethane instead of mudjacking because it is stronger, lasts longer and is less invasive. Polyjacking is the preferred way to fix driveways, sidewalks, patios and porches. So why is it better? Mudjacking uses a mixture of mud and sand which will eventually wash away over time. But polyjacking uses a high-density polyurethane that is injected underneath the surface and hardens after lifting the concrete slab and filling all the voids. While both methods will lift and level the concrete, the use of polyurethane is much more durable. Learn more about the benefits of polyjacking vs. mudjacking.

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