The Best Foundation Repair (with a Lifetime Warranty to Prove It)

PierMagic lifetime warranty for foundation repairIf you thought this was going to be some boring list about how to choose a foundation’re wrong. This is an exciting, brain-boggling, barely believable, eye-opening story about the BEST foundation repair company on the planet. We know, we know, sounds like we’re overpromising, doesn’t it? Hang tight. We are going to explain how and why PierMagic is the best in the business. But we don’t just make empty promises. We back them up. We’re going to try to explain this in the simplest, fastest way possible to make you understand. We will make 2 statements that will help you understand why we’re the best and have you recommending us to everyone you know. Here we go!

1. We have the best foundation piering technology on the market...period.

Why is our DynaPier system the best? Again, without getting too complicated and losing you in the words, the DynaPier system was designed by combining steel and high strength concrete making it one of the strongest foundation piers in the industry. We install this pier under (not on the side of) your foundation and don’t stop until it rests on solid rock. It resists sheering, sinking, bending, shrinking and expanding soil, and more. Once our pier is in place, it will not move. The secret? The DynaPier® system actually makes gravity work for it, instead of against it. Our DynaPier system is so revolutionary, it’s patented. For those who need to see the details on why and how the DynaPier system is superior to the other piering systems on the market, we respect that. Here is more information:




2. We have the best warranty on the market...period.

Here’s the part you’re really going to love. So we say our system is the best. It’s foolproof. It will never fail. You, naturally, say. “Prove it!. Do you stand behind it?” Do we stand behind it? Do we stand behind it?! How does a lifetime warranty sound? Our lifetime warranty covers our pier work for the life of the structure. Let me say that again...for the life of the structure! “Surely there are exclusions, fine print, disclaimers”, you say. We say, “No exclusions”. In fact, we not only guarantee our work for life, we even make that guarantee transferable to future owners should you move from your home. It’s that reliable!

How Do We Do It? It’s Magic...PierMagic

The DynaPier system is the best in the industry. We know that because it’s patented. So if you want the best foundation repair with the best warranty hands down, choose PierMagic. We don’t make your foundation as good as new, we make your foundation better than new!

If you have foundation trouble, call PierMagic at (855) 702-1200. It will be the last foundation repair call you make.