What To Expect When the Soil Dries Out From A Drought

What To Expect When the Soil Dries UpHow Droughts Can Affect your Homes Foundation

The thought of a drought in the Kansas City metro seems impossible with the amount of rain we’ve had lately. Usually, the weather in August is hot and dry, which causes the ground around your homes foundation to dry out. Our experts have listed a few signs your foundation may require some extra attention.

Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Once the soil dries out, the soil will begin to shrink. This can cause the structure of the home to settle. You’ll notice if your home is settling by looking to see if you have any cracks in the drywall and foundation. You can also check doors and windows. If they are difficult to open, then you may have a foundation problem.  Sound like your home? Don’t panic, give us a call! We can make your foundation stronger than it has ever been by simply fixing these problems with our foundation piers. Learn more about our foundation repair services.

Using Foundation Piers

Here at PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we use the strongest piers on the market, DynaPier. DynaPier is comprised of high-strength concrete that is pre-cast in a steel sleeve. This provides the pier to have superior strength. Using this system allows for the structure of your home to exceed the original structural integrity, making it better than new.

If your foundation is experiencing settling problems and you discover signs your foundation needs some repair, contact PierMagic today for a free home estimate!