3 Reasons Why Waiting to Have Your Foundation Repaired Is a Bad Idea

Foundation RepairedFoundation problems are not something any homeowner wants to have. Because repairs tend to be expensive, many homeowners put it off. But, we know when you have foundation movement, it’s best to take care of the problem quickly. At Pier Magic, we’ve seen all kinds of foundation problems and also many different ways that homeowners handle them. Not once have we seen procrastination work in the homeowner’s favor.

1. Problems Caused by Mother Nature Won’t Get Better, Only Worse

Procrastination doesn’t pay with foundation repairs. If a home’s foundation is moving, there’s a reason. Mother Nature is the cause of many problems. Unfortunately, these problems will not go away and will get worse over time. See why:

Plastic (Clay) Soil

If your home is on plastic soil (lots of clay in the soil, which is common in Missouri and Kansas), alternating periods of extreme moisture and extreme drought will make the soil expand and contract drastically. The other problem is when only a portion of the soil under your property swells or expands. This causes uneven swelling and shrinking that can wreak havoc with your foundation. The weather is never a stable thing, so waiting only results in more damage and more money for repairs down the road.

Poor Pre-Construction Compaction of Soil

If you have a newer home, and are experiencing foundation problems, it could be that the builder didn’t properly prepare the soil before building your foundation. If the soil is not compacted tightly and evenly, it will shift. Sometimes builders fill low spots with stripped shrubs or woody debris. It might take years, but the organic material will slowly decompose and cause settlement. Once the dirt has shrunk under your foundation it will cause gaps or voids. Over time these voids will cause cracks in the concrete and begin to cause settling of your home.

2. Selling a Home with Foundation Problems Will Cost You

Many homeowners put off expensive foundation repairs because they know they will be moving soon. Unfortunately, trying to sell a home with foundation problems is extremely difficult. They end up making the repairs anyway or take a huge hit on the amount they can sell it for. There’s really no good reason to put off foundation repairs. If money is the problem, Pier Magic has you covered there too. We offer financing to help spread the payments out over time and make it a little easier on your budget.

3. Early Treatment Can Put Preventative Measures in Place

The great thing about seeking help for foundation problems early is that not only can we fix it, we can also prevent further damage. If your home is built on clay, we can install proper drainage to direct surface water away from the foundation and paved areas. If site constraints make it impossible to direct runoff away from the driveway, you can have lateral drains installed alongside the driveway to prevent water from accumulating beneath the pavement. We can make sure foundation drains are carefully designed to carry water well away from the structure.

Signs of Foundation Problems to Look For

Foundation repairs can be costly depending on how severe the issues are. It is best to schedule an appointment for a free estimate when you see the first signs of a problem. Here are some common signs of foundation problems:
  • Cracks in the foundation

  • Cracks in interior walls

  • Doors and windows sticking

  • Water coming into your basement

  • Bowed Walls

  • Uneven floors

If you notice any of these warning signs around your home, give us a call at (855) 702-1200 or contact us online. We’ll be the last foundation repair company you call.