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Epoxy Crack Sealing for Foundation Walls

PierMagic® does epoxy crack sealing on foundation walls in Kansas City and St. Louis. Cracks in a basement foundation or crawl space wall can allow water into your home. What’s worse is if these cracks get water in them that freezes in the winter. The frozen water expands increasing the damage to your foundation and making the crack worse.  If you see cracks in your basement walls, don’t put it off. Call PierMagic® epoxy crack sealing services today. We are concrete crack repair experts.

What Causes Foundation Cracks in your Home?

Foundation cracks can be caused by many things – poor construction materials or workmanship, shifting earth caused by an excess of rain or fill dirt settling, etc. In Kansas City and St. Louis, these are all common reasons for foundation crack repair. If you see any cracks that concern you, don’t hesitate to call PierMagic®. We offer free foundation repair inspections to all homeowners, so call us right away. The sooner you repair the crack, the less damage and expense you will have to deal with.

We offer two approaches to foundation crack repair:

Interior Wall Epoxy Crack Sealing

A foundation wall crack can be sealed from the inside with either an epoxy injection or urethane injection. This method of concrete crack repair is fast, easy and inexpensive. We fill the crack with a strong epoxy that seals the edges and keeps water out. The downside to this approach is that there is little allowance for further movement of the wall without the seal being compromised. It’s a quick fix to keep water out, but it won’t last forever if there is more movement.

Exterior Wall Crack Sealing


Another PierMagic® foundation service in St. Louis and Kansas City for basement crack repair is to seal the crack from outside of the wall. The area outside of a crack is excavated to expose the entire crack. The wall is cleaned, an adhesive polymeric membrane is applied over the crack and the excavated area is backfilled. This approach stops water from getting to the crack and will not allow further movement of the wall to compromise the seal.

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