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Have you been frequently suffering from a flooded basement? Do you have a flooded basement in your Kansas City home right now? If so, PierMagic Foundation Specialists is here to help. We will get your problem cleaned up and implement a waterproofing solution that will prevent flooding from happening again. Unless the cause of your flooded basement is a broken pipe, it is best to get the mess cleaned up properly, as well as implementing an effective flood prevention solution. Without such measures, your basement is likely to flood again.

What is the Problem with Flooded Basements?

There are several reasons basements flood. It is crucial to identify the exact source of your flooded basement problem! This problem won’t fix themselves, nor do they stay the same. They will get worse as time passes, leading to the deterioration of your foundation.

A deteriorating foundation leads to all kinds of problems, the least of which is mold. Mold growth is unpleasant, and a safety risk for the inhabitants of your home, as mold spores spread in the air that you breathe. More importantly, a foundation that deteriorates allows for persistent flooding. This water or moisture accumulation can weaken the integrity of your basement walls and compromise the safety of the inhabitants of your home.

How do I fix my Flooded Basement?

If your basement has been flooded, PierMagic Foundation Specialists subcontracts basement flooding cleanup services to a reputed contractor. Then, once the flooding has been thoroughly cleaned up, we'll come in and install a waterproofing solution that comes with a full lifetime warranty.

First, all of the standing water and excess moisture has to be removed from your basement. Second, any subsequent flooding damage has to be fixed. Then we'll seal any cracks in the interior of your basement. Next, we'll take additional steps to waterproof your basement.

Installing a sump pump is one of the most critical steps in the prevention of a flooded basement in Kansas City. If you have an existing sump pump, make sure it is working correctly. This way, if water floods your basement in the future, you will have a functioning sump pump. It can then get to work before the water can cause any additional damage to your foundation or belongings. Of course, the ultimate goal is to eliminate flooding in your basement, and that is why PierMagic Foundation Specialists offer basement waterproofing.

To keep the water out of your basement and to protect your foundation, we need to maintain a consistent moisture content in the soil around your home. A waterproofing barrier will achieve this goal by replacing the soil around your home with gravel and adding a new footing drain. Of course, soil will be left on top for vegetation and landscaping.

When your Kansas City basement floods, don’t wait to call PierMagic Foundation Specialists. We are ready to help you quickly solve your flooded basement. Call us today to learn more! 

Why is My basement Flooding?

There are a few different reasons why you may be experiencing problems in your basement after a rain. By and large, the most common problem is due to a non-functioning drain tile system. Perhaps you were made aware some years ago that there was a drain tile system in place around your home and you never gave it another thought. French drain tile requires a routine inspection to check for damage or deterioration, typically every 5 years. PierMagic Foundation Specialists can come out and take a look below the surface and make sure everything is working correctly before we look for another cause of basement flooding.

Sump Pumps Resolve Flooding Problems

There's a high likelihood that even if your drain tile system is not obstructed in any way that it was designed faulty or is functioning inefficiently. If that's the case, we can install a sump pump in your basement floor that will allow rain water to be efficiently pumped out and away from your home's foundation to an area where it will dissipate back into the ground. Don't wait when dealing with basement moisture or standing water problems- the sooner we come out and make repairs or upgrades, the sooner you'll be able to enjoy your basement.

A dry basement adds square footage to a home and adds lasting value, as well. If you're thinking about selling your home or just want to enjoy the basement you've alwys dreamed of owning, call PierMagic Foundation Specialists today to schedule an inspection. PierMagic Foundation Specialists professionals specialize in waterproofing basements and permanently resolving flooding problems.

flooded basement Kansas City
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