foundation crack repair Kansas City

Foundation crack repair is a popular service provided by PierMagic Foundation Specialists. Foundation cracking is indicative of a severe problem with your house's foundation. Due to these cracks, you are likely seeing water and moisture coming in through your foundation's cracks. These cracks also lead to more significant problems down the line, often costly ones. They can compromise the integrity of your home's foundation. Before we proceed with any foundation crack repair in Kansas City, PierMagic Foundation Specialists would like to inspect your foundation first.

By performing a full inspection of your foundation, we can find all of the cracks that need to be repaired right now. It also always us to determine which solutions will best suit your needs now and later on. To be clear, repairing a foundation crack is a temporary fix. Over time, the earth around your foundation will shift again, the cracks will spread, and your problem will return. When is it worth it to fix a foundation crack?

Should I get a Foundation Crack Repair?

If you have cracks in your basement walls, floor, or slab, and you need a quick repair, then a foundation crack repair is a good option for you. If you don’t currently have the budget for a full-blown foundation repair project yet, then a foundation crack repair is a good option for you right now. It is best to plan for a more extensive repair in two years or less.

What's the Best Way to Repair Foundation Cracks in Kansas City?

Foundation crack repair is typically an inexpensive solution because it is not meant to be a permanent fix. PierMagic Foundation Specialists use an epoxy crack sealant for foundation walls. Cracks can be caused by several problems, including shifting earth, excess rain or water, and poor construction. These cracks in your basement foundation can allow water into your home. Even worse, cracks get worse after the cold winter season, because the water inside of the crack freezes and expands, making the problem worse.

An epoxy injection will fill the cracks and close them off. Of course, cracks will continue to spread over time, no matter how well you seal them. Think of the cracks in your basement or foundation like cracks in a windshield. You can put a piece of tape on the crack to monitor where it is today, but soon, the crack will spread beyond the tape. This is because, just like cracks in glass, cracks in the concrete spread.

Contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists for the Most Options for Foundation Crack Repair in Kansas City

PierMagic Foundation Specialists can also seal the crack from the outside of the wall. This type of project is a bit more hands-on. We will excavate the area outside of the crack to expose the crack. After cleaning the wall, we will apply an adhesive polymeric membrane and refill the excavated area.

This method of crack sealing works better because it stops further movement of the wall to compromise the seal. When cracks appear in your foundation or walls, give PierMagic Foundation Specialists a call to discuss your options and to arrange an inspection time.

foundation crack repair Kansas City
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