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Professional Foundation Piering Services

If you are experiencing sticking doors or cracking in sheet rock, brick or foundation, there is a strong possibility that your home is undergoing differential settlement. This is usually a result, in large part, of expansive clay soils. As the clay soil dehydrates, it shrinks away from the foundation. It’s not uncommon for soil to settle several inches due to the supporting soil’s loss of volume. This settlement can cause the structure to undergo undue stress that results in cracks appearing throughout the home’s components. These problems can be remedied by supporting the foundation with piers that are driven deep below the foundation to a strata of bedrock or a very dense, stable material that is capable of bearing the load of the structure.

Why Our DynaPier® Foundation Piering System Is Superior

Our patent pending DynaPier® system Kansas City Foundation Repaircombines galvanized steel and high-strength concrete making it one of the strongest foundation piers in the industry. Interlocking segments are hydraulically driven into the ground. Besides its sheer strength, the installation adds to its effectiveness. Instead of being attached to the outside of the footing, the DynaPier® system is installed beneath the footing transferring the weight of the structural load directly on top of the pier. This means the DynaPier® system can achieve the greatest depth while also being in a position to provide the greatest support.

Putting Off Foundation Repair Can Cost You More.

Because cracks do not appear in rigid materials like concrete, brick or sheetrock without another force acting upon them, it is good to have a professional foundation contractor advise you. Many times, a homeowner can save a significant amount of money by being proactive. At the first signs of cracks, give PierMagic® a call to set up a free foundation inspection. Often we can recommend preventative measures you can take that might save you from having to have repair work performed. There are many pier systems to choose from, but our DynaPier® system is designed to be the most effective and strongest foundation pier system available. Go with the best - DynaPier®.

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