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No homeowner wants to hear the words separated drywall, cracked foundation, or sloping floors. If you’re a homeowner and are seeing the obvious signs of foundation issues, such as a cracked foundation, it’s important to call a certified foundation expert who'll assess the situation and offer a solution such as a repair. Foundation repair can be quite complicated. While some repairs are very easy to spot, other issues are not as visible. A foundation inspection by a professional contractor can help identify the damage and determine the type of repairs required.

At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we offer prompt and effective foundation repair in Lees Summit. This will save you the stress, money, and time of dealing with bigger foundation repairs in the future.

What are the Signs of Foundation Problems?

The following are indications that your foundation has issues:

  • Cracks – Various cracks on the floor, wall, or foundation can be a sign of trouble. Normally, small cracks are expected to occur after construction work is over as the house settles into the ground. Bigger cracks that move in a horizontal direction, however, means that there’s excessive settling. On the other hand, vertical cracks may not be a cause for alarm, and might not even be associated with the foundation.
  • Uneven Floors – If your floor is sagging or bowing, it may mean that your foundation is settling unevenly. Such floors can be a safety hazard around the home and should be fixed promptly.
  • Sticking Doors and Windows – Doors and windows that are having trouble closing or opening could be caused by excess moisture in the foundation.
  • Unlevelled House - If you find your house leaning more to one side, that means your foundation is sinking in an ununiform manner.

These signs can, however, be a result of other issues, so you should get a specialist to diagnose the exact problem.

Causes of Foundation Problems

These are some of the sources of foundation issues:

  • Moisture – Most of the problems that affect your foundation occur either due to excess or too little moisture. Too much moisture causes the soil to swell, while lack of it leads to shrinkage. Both issues trigger foundation movement. In cases where the soil around and beneath the foundation has varying moisture levels at different places, it can cause differential movement that may result in cracks.
  • Tree Transpiration – If there’s a tree near your house, its roots may draw water away from the soil around the foundation, leading to shifting. This becomes a continuous process since trees later lose water through transpiration, after which they’ll need to get more from around your house.

How Can You Prevent Foundation Problems?

You can avoid most foundation issues by making sure that the drainage system in your house leads water away from your foundation. Also, if you have any trees close by, keep them watered so that they’ll not have to reach out for the moisture beneath your building. Alternatively, you can plant any new trees further away from the perimeter of your home.

Foundation Repair You Can Trust

Since 2007, we have provided our clients with foundation repair in Lees Summit for various problems. Our lasting solutions are aimed at increasing the value of your home and eliminating safety hazards. Call us today on (855) 702-1200 to schedule a free inspection with one of our specialists.

Resolve Foundation Problems Quickly

When it comes to foundation issues, the trustworthy old adage applies: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The moment you suspect your home's foundation is in need of a repair, contact our team from PierMagic Foundation Specialists to come out and make an inspection. We know that many of our customers are on a tight budget; rest assured, we will always look for the most affordable option that will lead to lasting results. Band-aid fixes are common when hiring a company that hasn't been in the industry for any length of time. for trusted solutions to all foundation issues, big and small, contact a specialist from PierMagic Foundation Specialists for expert advice.

Free Foundation Repair Estimates

For a homeowner with foundation problems, the unknown can seem more desirable than knowing what it will cost to make upgrades. Don't ignore a foundation issue- call us for an honest estimate and find out sooner rather than later what it will take to restore your home's foundation. We are industry experts who have served the Lees Summit community for many years, trusted by both home and business owners alike.

foundation repair Lees Summit
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