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When there’s something wrong with the foundation, your whole house is affected. A common example is when the foundation settles a little and throws your garage door out of alignment. With major foundation issues, you may notice other problems with the garage door. For instance, gaps may form on the ground’s surface, and the balance of the door might be thrown off. Also, deep cracks could form on the borders and around corners of the garage door. These issues would only reappear and get worse even after fixing them if the actual cause is foundation problems.

Does your garage door have these recurring symptoms? Then it’s time to call foundation experts such as PierMagic Foundation Specialists for a thorough inspection. If your foundation is the problem, then timely foundation repair in Lenexa is crucial to ensure that the issue doesn’t become worse.

What are some of the Foundation Mistakes that Homeowners Make?

The following are some of the mistakes homeowners make when it comes to their foundations:

  • Ignoring Minor Issues

A crack on the wall, a creak on the floor, or a window that refuses to close may seem like small issues that many may assume are as a result of the home’s age. However, in most cases, these can indicate foundation trouble. The sooner you get them checked, the less expensive and extensive the repairs will be.

  • Carrying Out Only Cosmetic Repairs

Sealing a crack on the wall may seem like all you need to do, but that will not solve the underlying foundation problem. Many homeowners who carry out such repairs, likely as a DIY project, may find themselves dealing with new cracks right afterward.

  • Wrong Scheduling of Home Renovations

Making home renovations before addressing existing foundation problems is a costly mistake. This is because, during foundation repair, the structure of your house will be lifted, affecting various parts such as plumbing. If you carry out foundation repairs after a renovation, some of your new furnishings may be ruined.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Foundation Fixes?

One reason why you should refrain from DIY foundation repairs is that you don’t have the necessary tools and skills required to carry out a satisfactory job. Lack of training, skills, and experience limits your ability to diagnose the root cause of the problem correctly, and apply the right solution. It also puts you at risk of getting injured.

Worse, you may cause further damage to the structure of your home, forcing you to look for the professionals you were trying to avoid. In the end, you’ll spend more time and money on the repairs than you would have done by simply hiring a contractor to begin with.

How to Choose a Foundation Repair Company

When looking for a company to repair your foundation, look for an established one that has been operating in your area for several years. This is important because they will have a solid track record that you can check to gauge the quality of their services. In addition, if they offer a warranty, you can be assured that they’ll still be available in case any issues come up after repairs.

Effective Foundation Repair Services

If you have been looking for foundation repair in Lenexa, we can help. PierMagic Foundation Specialists offer long-lasting solutions to keep your home crack-free, strong, and stable for years to come. Call us today on (855) 702-1200 to schedule a free foundation repair inspection.

PierMagic Foundation Specialists - the Best Choice For Foundation Repir in Lenexa

What makes us different from all other companies in the area providing foundation repair services? We're glad you asked. Our foundation pros bring more experience to the table, a greater commitment to your goals, and an uncommon focus on your needs. We invite you to browse our Web reviews and read some of the comments left by our clients to see why we have earned a reputation as the best choice for slab repairs, foundation repairs, DynaPier, mudjacking & polyjacking, foundation replacement, basement waterproofing, and more.

Will I Have to Replace My Entire Foundation?

Chances are good that our experts can offer a repair that will last for many years; the sooner you have someone look at noticeable foundation problems, the less likely you'll have to budget for a replacement. If you see any of the tell-tale signs that something is wrong with the foundation your house rests upon, contact us immediately to come out and provide a thorough inspection. Call a PierMagic Foundation Specialists technician for professional advice.

foundation repair Lenexa
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