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A house’s foundation is not something that homeowners think about often, even when they should. As time goes by, your foundation encounters elements that may cause it to weaken, compromising the integrity of the entire structure. Therefore, it’s advisable to check the foundation when you’re inspecting other areas of the house. PierMagic Foundation Specialists offer foundation repair in Olathe. We provide quality foundation services, including sealing cracks, waterproofing basements, and piering.

How Do Weather Seasons Affect Your Home’s Foundation?

Your foundation changes with the seasons in different ways:

  • Summer

During the hot weather months, moisture evaporates from the concrete. This weakens it and makes it easy to crack. The dry air also absorbs water from the soil, causing it to shift and contribute to the sinking of your foundation.

  • Winter

If your foundation has gaps and cracks, cool temperatures cause them to contract. And when it becomes hotter, the cracks and gaps expand, growing bigger. In rainy weather, dry soil becomes mushy and loses some of its bearing capacity, which results in further sinking.

How Does the Soil Around Your House Affect the Foundation?

Shifting of the soil around your foundation can cause it to move, making it uneven. This is how various types of soils behave in different conditions:

  • Clay Soil

Soils rich in clay have the highest potential to affect your foundation. Clay easily absorbs water, becoming more saturated and expanding in the process. As a result, foundations crack and shift. Once the soil dries out, it cracks and shrinks, leaving gaps around your home where water from the next heavy downpour can penetrate deeply to repeat that expansion cycle.

  • Sand

Sand is better at handling moisture compared to clay, as it doesn’t retain water. This means that it will not shift much in both wet and hot weather. However, sand may become eroded over time, resulting in gaps in the foundation.

  • Rock

Rocks are some of the best-supporting surfaces for a house's foundation. But erosion and fractures can affect the stability of your home. To decrease the effect of rocks on your foundation, make sure that the surface is level during construction, and use anchors.

Signs that Your Foundation is Sinking

Usually, the signs of a failing foundation are obvious – Sagging floors, sticking doors, cracks in plaster walls, or a wall crack in the basement that extends from the floor to the ceiling. However, there are signs that are less subtle. For instance, uncomfortable humidity indoors or strange smells from your basement may indicate structural issues.

Foundation Repair Experts at Your Service

If your foundation is settling due to exterior conditions, it’s advisable to get a permanent solution. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself dealing with the same problems each new season. At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we use the DynaPier® System that will provide your house with adequate support to prevent future settlement. Even better, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a guarantee of its performance. Give us a call today on (855) 702-1200 for any questions about foundation repair in Olathe.

Avoid DIY Repairs

In your Web search for foundation repair in Olathe, you may have come across videos or tutorials from so-called experts offering their advice on how to repair your home's foundation. Those money-saving tips can seem tempting, but what you need to know is that it takes professional materials, a high level of skill, and the right techniques to experience lasting results. An over-the-counter epoxy seal may hide a foundation crack, but it will not address the underlying cause of the crack. Tree roots, sinking ground, and settling problems all need expert attention to ensure the problem is resolved for good.

Budget-Friendly Options

At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we know our clients rarely have the chance to budget for a foundation repair. We'll always look for the most affordable way to restore your home's foundation. While other companies will recommend an expensive foundation replacement, we'll check to see whether one of our repair options will do the job. Rest easy knowing that PierMagic Foundation Specialists professionals never offer band-aid solutions to serious issues. We are Olathe's first choice for all of the following services:

  • Mudjacking and polyjacking
  • Basement waterproofing
  • DynaPier solutions
  • Bowed wall repair
  • Slab repair
  • Sump pump maintenance & installation
  • Wall anchoring

One call does it all when you reach out to PierMagic Foundation Specialists with your questions or concerns about your home's foundation issues. We can come out and offer our professional advice on the best course of action where your foundation is concerned. Don't wait- call us today to make repairs.

foundation repair Olathe
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