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The last thing any of us want to take on is another costly home repair project. Yet, when it comes to foundation repair work, ignoring or putting off your repair needs is ill-advised! The same can be said of hiring a foundation repair company that will try to sell you on a $30k major repair project when your repair need is only a simple $5k project. If you are looking for a reliable contractor for your foundation repair in Overland Park, contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists today. We are always a safe bet!

The challenge that homeowners face when hiring a contractor for foundation repair is twofold:

Challenge #1: Homeowners need to address their house's foundational problems quickly before they develop into major repair projects. This means t homeowners need to spend money they either don't have or don't want to spend, which results in applying for and obtaining loans to cover repair costs.

Challenge #2: There are sharks in the water! Indeed, water in your foundation isn't your only problem; it's the sharks that follow! Greedy, money-grabbing, dishonest shark-like contractors are eager to take you for every dime they can get. This means fixing your foundation problem is a real challenge because often you feel you can't find an honest contractor to save your home!

At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we hate to see this happen. Even when a homeowner is taken advantage of by another dishonest contractor, we feel sympathy for them. Why? Because it reflects badly not just on the unscrupulous company in question, but it also reflects badly on our entire industry. To help you overcome these challenges, these are a few of the best tips that we can give you:

  • Do your research

By doing a little bit of homework on each contractor, you can gain insights into how they operate. For example, by considering facts such as how long the contractor has been in business, how many satisfied customers they have, and what their past customers have to say about their experiences with said contractors, you can ascertain how that contractor will work for you.

  • Compare multiple quotes

By receiving multiple quotes from different foundation repair contractors, you should gain a clear picture of what the going rate is for the services that you require. You should also be able to weed out the dishonest and pricey contractors from the rest.

  • Compare warranties

Does the company you are considering for your foundation repair offer a warranty on their work? What is covered in the warranty and for how long? Is the warranty transferable to a new owner if you plan on moving sometime in the future?

Finding the right contractor for your Overland Park home’s foundation repair might be a challenge that requires research, comparison, and consideration, but it can be done! Of course, the safe bet is to call PierMagic Foundation Specialists for foundation repair in Overland Park! We have established a reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship. Plus, we stand on our services and installations with lifetime warranties. Look at our past work. Read our customer reviews. PierMagic Foundation Specialists are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years, and we invite you to experience our great service for yourself! Give us a call today to schedule your estimate appointment.

What Does a PierMagic Foundation Specialists Lifetime Warranty Look Like?

You've probably seen the words 'lifetime warranty' displayed on other websites, followed by paragraphs of fine print. Don't confuse our industry-leading warranty at PierMagic Foundation Specialists with any other promise you've heard from another concrete company- our Lifetime Warranty is our guarantee to you that the work we perform when repairing your foundation will last a lifetime- no exclusions or exemptions. Period. If you sell your home in the future, you can expect your warranty to tansfer to the new owner, as well. Now that you can spot the difference, we encourage you to accept no substitutes when looking to hire a concrete contractor.

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