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Foundation Repair & Slab Repair

Home Foundation Repair Services To Protect Your Investment

PierMagic® Foundation Repair Company is your best choice for foundation repair work. Chances are, your home is one of the largest financial investments you will ever make. If your home is experiencing cracks in the brick, sheetrock, or basement walls, if your windows or doors stick, if your basement walls are bowing or leaking, then your investment may be at risk. All of these are signs of home foundation problems. Your home may need foundation repair work. When it comes to home settlement issues, the sooner you address the problem, the better. If left alone, cracks in the house worsen causing more damage to the rest of your home and often costing much more to repair than if addressed when the first signs are evident.

Quality Foundation Repair You Can Count On

When it comes to choosing a company to hire for the work, don’t take the decision lightly. Concrete foundation repairs that are fixed improperly can result in bigger problems later on. Settlement problems are not an easy task and too often is taken on by individuals or companies who are not qualified. Always check references and ask to see a license and a copy of general liability and workers compensation insurance. Also, make sure the employees are not subcontracted. It’s a good idea to ask for references from past customers. An experienced and reputable repair company should be able to provide you with the contact information of their past clients. At PierMagic®, we can give you the names of previous customers and you can talk to them directly to make sure they were happy with the service and repairs that they received from us.

Free Home Foundation Repair Inspection

Foundation Crack RepairsSo if you have cracks in your basement walls, signs of bowing, sticking doors or windows, or evidence of leaks, don’t wait. Call the experts at PierMagic®. Basement foundation repair is all we do and we’re the best. Many times, if the problem is caught early, you can save thousands on repairs. We offer free repair inspections, so don’t put it off. Call PierMagic® Foundation specialists today. We can determine the cause of the problem and the best solution. With our years of experience, you can rest assured that your biggest investment is protected against future damage. Call PierMagic® of Kansas City for your free repair estimate. 

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