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Complete Home Foundation Replacement

There are many good reasons for foundation replacement in Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas, Fort Worth & Tulsa. Some homes were built without a concrete or steel foundation. Others rest on unreinforced masonry made of brick or stone. Still other foundations were made of poor quality materials that have eroded. PierMagicTM can repair most foundations without having to replace them. However, there are times when foundation replacement is the only or most logical approach.

Concrete without Reinforcement Is Cause for Foundation Replacement

The most common instance for replacement is when we discover poured concrete or CMU block foundations and footings without adequate steel reinforcement. Without reinforcement, concrete will eventually break and crumble leaving the structure unsupported in specific areas. The problem with a crumbling foundation is not so much the lack of support, but mainly the difference in support. When one area is supported, but an adjoining area is not, this is what causes stress on the structure – the uneven support puts pressure on specific areas. That’s when visible evidence can be found in the form of cracks.

With Building Additions, New Foundations Are Recommended

Foundation Replacement and Repair CompanyMany times foundation replacement becomes an option when additions are being added to an existing structure or a crawl space is being converted to a basement. In these instances, it doesn’t make sense to add an additional foundation to just the new part of the structure. We recommend tearing out the old and creating one cohesive, solid, new foundation. Otherwise, the new and old foundations can shift differently and can cause problems where they meet. At PierMagicTM, we do it right so we can stand behind our foundations for years.

PierMagicTM Can Perform Foundation Repair or Foundation Replacement

We see foundations that fail on a daily basis. We know what works, what doesn’t, and why. It just makes sense that we would replace your foundation with a quality foundation that will last. While there may be a repair option to meet your needs, PierMagicTM is one of the few foundation repair companies that offers both repair and replacement options. If we can repair it and provide the structural support necessary, we will. But, if not, you don’t have to worry about your foundation replacement needing help down the road. When PierMagicTM replaces a foundation, you can be sure the work is done right. Give us a call to set up a free foundation evaluation.

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