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Lawrence KS, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

Homes in the Lawrence, KS area are vulnerable to many conditions that can put stress on the foundation, potentially causing major structural problems if the problem is not addressed immediately. Our professionals at PierMagic® have built a respected reputation as the leading experts in house foundation repairs because we are able to identify and correct the problem quickly and efficiently.

Foundation and Wall cracks in Lawrence KansasSigns of Foundation Problems In Your Lawrence Home

Knowing that the home is on firm ground gives our customers the peace of mind that they need to enjoy the residence without worry. Many residents in the Lawrence area are surprised to learn that seemingly simple problems in the home point to foundation cracks because the damage has gone unnoticed. Leaks and bowed walls and the ability to see the foundation damage will have them calling us for foundation repairs, but signs like sticking doors and windows are often attributed to other causes, especially when the reason for house foundation repairs are not visible.

Leak Repairs From The Industry Leaders

Erosion in the soil around the home can cause a foundation to sink, causing foundation cracks that can not only affect the stability of the structure, but also let moisture into the home that can cause further damage and provide an environment for dangerous molds to thrive. Contact PierMagic® as soon as a problem in your home indicates the need for leak repairs to protect your family and your valuable possessions. The change of seasons can cause a shift in the soil that could necessitate house foundation repairs. Freezes and thaws, heavy rains and improper soil drainage can cause the foundation to sink. Root systems from the trees that surround the home can also cause foundation damage.

Don’t Put Off Repairing Your Lawrence Home’s Foundation

Foundation cracks and leak repairs are services often needed by homeowners who call PierMagic® from the Lawrence, Kansas area. House foundation repairs are a home maintenance need that should be addressed immediately, and we send our professional team to inspect the home and give an estimate as soon as we can. Our professionals can introduce residents in the Lawrence area to our interlocking pier system as one of the solutions to foundation repair. DynaPier® is a patent pending system, professionally engineered to protect your home from risks that foundation problems can cause. The system comes with a transferable life-time warranty. Let our foundation specialists show you the benefits by contacting us today. Call PierMagic® for expert advice from our foundation repairs specialists in the Lawrence area to keep the home from suffering further damage that could prove exceptionally costly in the future.

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