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Leavenworth KS, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

PierMagic® is the company of choice for foundation repairs in Leavenworth Kansas. We are an experienced team of professionals who know concrete foundations inside and out. Settling caused by poor soil density can devastate a home’s structural integrity, lowering its market value and causing problems with sewer, plumbing and electrical circuitry. We offer superior house foundation repairs, leak repairs and injections for isolated foundation cracks. Our work is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee and a full transferable warranty on all foundation repair jobs.

An Advanced Pier Support SystemFoundation DynaPier Repair System in Leavenworth Kansas

Rather than use exterior support poles that can become useless after several years. PierMagic® employs the DynaPier® system. This advanced pier system is comprised of interlocking support poles made from concrete cores and steel sleeves, installed directly beneath the center of the footing. The weight of the home is directly upon the center of the piers, and the supports go deeply into the soil, penetrating to the level of the parent material. A Leavenworth home supported by the DynaPier® has been carefully raised and placed on a series of these pole units, and is more firmly rooted into the compacted soil than when the structure was new.

Filling Cracks in Leavenworth Concrete Foundations

Crack injection is a method of strengthening a certain area of the foundation where uneven settling has occurred or where water percolation has caused a deterioration of the concrete itself. Our company uses hand tools to excavate around the area to be filled, leaving the soil underneath the footing undisturbed. Our crack injection technique is used only if it is determined that the overall strength of the foundation is good, leaving only one small area to fix. Foundation cracks are always inspected thoroughly before proceeding with this technique in order to determine what is causing the cracks and how rapidly they may be spreading.

Repairing Leak Repairs In Leavenworth, KS Homes

Foundation cracks may be caused by poor soil support, but other things such as water percolation and the freeze/thaw effect can cause cracks as well. PierMagic® has developed a revolutionary way to redirect water away from your foundation. Where leak repairs work for a small area of concrete, but our water management system keeps the entire foundation dry. It works with a series of channels that that connect to drainage areas through a network of tubes.

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