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Leawood KS, Foundation & Leak Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

Nothing decreases a home’s value more than an uneven foundation. Structural damage can result from just several inches of settling due to poor soil conditions. House foundation cracks are often a sign of excessive sinking in one area of the concrete, or could be due to freezing and thawing of percolated water. The house foundation repairs specialist in Leawood, KS is PierMagic®, a company dedicated to restoring homes to their original level and eliminating concrete settling once and for all. PierMagic® will perform leak repairs, redirect water away from concrete foundations with an advanced drainage installation, or strengthen the home’s foundation through the use of DynaPier® support technology. This pier system is unrivaled in its ability to directly counteract the force of subsidence, and homes using this system are more firmly supported than when they were originally constructed.

We Are Your Leawood Foundation Experts

We at PierMagic® understand the frustration you may have experienced with inferior foundation support mechanisms. Chances are you have either encountered this problem before or know a neighbor who has. Many of the cheaper foundation repairs include the use of perimeter support poles. These can allow the home to slide laterally or even cause the foundation to lean inward. Spotty crack injection methods often target only a small area of the foundation, leaving water, ice or erosion effects to compromise another part of the concrete.

Complete Foundation Restoration Services

  • Thorough crack injection procedures
  • Installation of DynaPier® steel and concrete posts
  • Complete water management drainage system
  • Repairs to bowed interior and exterior walls
  • Installation or repair of retaining walls

PierMagic® inspects your Leawood home’s foundation in detail, examining for areas where the concrete may be settling unevenly. We detect the presence of loosened or compromised soil, determine the depth to which any support posts must penetrate, and conduct only those foundation repairs that are absolutely necessary. We do not disturb the ground near or below the concrete footing unless a new pier system is to be installed.

Don’t Put Off Foundation Repairs For Your Leawood Home

Foundation Water Proofing and Repair For Leawood

Your Leawood, Kansas home is a huge investment, one that requires periodic maintenance. Should a foundation problem occur, immediate correction is needed in order to prevent extensive damage to the entire structure. For house foundation repairs or for the prevention of water leakage, call on the experts at PierMagic®. We are an experienced team of concrete foundation experts, and our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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