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Lenexa KS, Foundation & Leak Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

Your Lenexa, Kansas home is perhaps the largest investment you will ever make. Protecting this investment includes making sure the foundation remains strong. Foundation cracks may indicate loose soil underneath the footing, caused by a slight measure of subsidence. All it takes is several inches of settling to result in major problems with the structural integrity of the house. If you experience bowed walls, stuck doors or windows, or discover cracks in the foundation itself, call on PierMagic® to solve the problem once and for all.

Advanced Foundation Repair Methods

Many house foundation repairs involve the attachment of exterior supports, but these anchor systems do not directly oppose the sinking force of the concrete. Our company addresses this problem by installing a revolutionary pier system known as DynaPier®, a proven stacking pier that directly compensates for any settling of the concrete or foundation footing. This pier system is guaranteed to be the most complete and long-lasting of any foundation repairs. Along with crack injection technology, our superior support system stops all concrete foundation settling around your Lenexa home for good.

Stopping Foundation Leaks Forever In Lenexa Homes

An unusually high water table or non-absorbing soil can mean problems for Lenexa homes. Even if there are no foundation cracks, water can seep below the footing and collect underneath the home. This causes a buildup of mold, ages the underlying support beams more rapidly, and loosens the soil around the concrete. We can repair these cracks with our crack injection system. We also offer a superior leak repair service and water management system that controls where water can flow and where it cannot. Our company will design a customized water redirection system for your Lenexa, KS home, using a series of pipes and material buffers. Our leak repairs and crack injection systems are guaranteed for life.

Green Friendly contractor in LenexaProtecting the Outdoor Environment

PierMagic® uses hand tools and hand excavation equipment to perform all digging and trench work. This leaves nearby areas undisturbed. It also means that all of the compacted soil around the foundation is left intact. Inferior house foundation repairs that disturb surrounding compacted soil can result in future subsidence problems. We take great care to ensure that our foundation repairs leave the maximum amount of compacted soil around and below the concrete footing.

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