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Prairie Village KS, Foundation & Leak Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

For most homeowners in Prairie Village, Kansas their house represents one of their largest investments. The foundation of a home needs extra care in order to ensure the protection of this investment. Basement leaks, doors or windows that jam, even cracks in sheet rock can be indicators of foundation issues. Fixing the symptoms will become an unending task if the cause remains uncorrected.

Foundation Repair with a Lifetime Warranty

Other foundation repair companies in Prairie Village use outdated technologies prone to fail, but our qualified experts and innovative pier system, DynaPier®, will not fail. Few companies servicing Prairie Village provide service backed with a lifetime transferable warranty, but we confidently do so, knowing we can more than satisfy our customers’ expectations.

House foundation repairs include foundation cracks and the need for crack injection and leak repairs, in addition to the installation of a pier system. Our specialists in foundation repairs carefully assess the needs and risks of a property and then respond to bring efficient and effective foundation repair solutions to home owners.

Careful Foundation Crack Repair in Prairie Village, KS

We understand the pride Prairie Village homeowners take in their home landscaping. When we fix foundation cracks, we take special care to protect yards and gardens. We bring no heavy equipment to your property but instead do all excavating by hand. This also allows us to reach places other excavators cannot to perform crack injection and repair. It leaves homeowners with the most ideal foundation crack repair and the least inconvenience possible.

Superior Patent-Pending Pier System

Our professionals hold years of experience in foundation repair. Our patent-pending pier system, DynaPier®, combines the strength of concrete with the flexibility and structural integrity of steel for the best solution in today’s market. In addition, if foundation issues have caused damage including leaks, bowed walls or cracks, our professionals work to carefully restore the structure to pristine condition after repairing the foundation issue. We understand that homeowners in Prairie Village, KS need more than patch jobs to maintain their investments. Rather than simply patching a crack or temporarily repairing a leak, our professionals at PierMagic® go straight to the source of the issue. Once the core problem has been cured, we then move to repair aesthetics. We believe all of our customers deserve to live in homes with firm and secure foundations. Once that is accomplished, the aesthetic repairs will also stand the test of time.

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