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Roeland Park KS, Foundation & Leak Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

Basement Water Proofing Company

A quarter of a million homeowners face serious issues with uneven floors, sinking foundations, and even cracked or buckling walls every year. Roeland Park, KS residents are not exempt. Foundation problems happen for a number of reasons. Homes can sometimes be built on unstable soils such as sand or clay. Another reason is simply the way that a home settles. Foundation cracks and the settling of concrete footings is something that cannot be ignored. The question of who to call for pier system installation is easily answered. PierMagic® has the know-how and experience to increase your home’s value significantly through the installing of DynaPier® supports, and we are equally adept at identifying water percolation and performing leak repairs. Don’t wait until it is too late. Your home is too large of an investment.

Our Exclusive DynaPier® System

When it comes to foundation repairs, sealing foundation cracks, or eliminating water seepage, PierMagic® is the name to remember. We are a team of professionals highly knowledgeable in the science of house foundation repairs and maintenance, and we provide complete, non-intrusive residential foundation service that is guaranteed to increase your Roeland Park home’s value. Our revolutionary DynaPier® system is so good, it’s comes with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike other pier systems that attempt to fix foundation problems from the side of the foundation, our pier system is placed directly below the foundation and uses an interlocking support framework that centrally links the piers together. This pier system results in a direct counterforce that stops settling of the foundation permanently.

The Foundation Specialists Serving the Roeland Park Area

Even just a bad gutter install causing run off from rain can cause foundation cracks. This can cause a great deal of structural damage and this is why it’s important to find a Roeland Park crack injection specialist like PierMagic®. Trained professionals will help you to not only identify problem areas but help to get your foundation in its best possible condition. It’s important to understand that having someone on your side to take care of these issues will prevent more serious, long term damage. Understanding the signs of foundation issues can also help you to stop damage to other aspects of your home before it starts. Ask your PierMagic® specialist about foundation cracks and how the crack injection technique can fix it for good.

The Best Warranty in Town For Continued Protection

Your home is your most valuable investment and house foundation repairs are just one way to keep that investment stable. If you’re dealing with leak repairs or cracks in your foundation, it’s time to seek an expert. Your Roeland Park, KS specialist can help to ensure that your home is in top condition no matter what soil it is built on and no matter what the weather does. Many house foundation repairs come with a limited warranty that does not cover new cracks or settling that may occur in a different location. PierMagic® offers an extended warranty that not only covers the entire foundation, it is transferable should the property be sold. We stand by all of our house foundation repairs with a promise of 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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