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Topeka KS, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

A home’s foundation supports the floor, walls and roof. Any settling of the concrete can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the entire house. Topeka, KS residents can count on PierMagic® for fast, reliable house foundation repairs. Advanced pier system technology allows us to make your home’s concrete base stronger than when you purchased the property, and our professional crack injection method fixes broken slab and footing sections. We also specialize in water retention and redirection, preventing seepage into the basement or underneath the support beams. Call on us for dependable, complete foundation repairs and house leveling.

Introducing DynaPier® Support System For Topeka, KS Foundations

Many of the competing foundation repair companies use exterior posts that fit on the outside of the home’s concrete footings. They can move outwards or slip, resulting in eventual failure. Our advanced DynaPier® system is an interlocking set of concrete and galvanized steel supports that are fitted directly beneath the center of the foundation slabs. The posts are embedded deeply into the compacted soil and the house is lowered directly onto them. This method is far superior to other support methods and not only eliminates further settling, it actually raises the structure back to its original position. If you experience any degree of settling due to poor soil conditions, the DynaPier® support system is the answer. Topeka residents who call on PierMagic® for solutions to sinking concrete foundations are amazed at the ease with which we employ this restorative method.

Repairing Leaks in Concrete Foundations

Crack injection is the most affordable and effective way to seal concrete, eliminating the problem of water percolation. During cold winter months, seeping water can freeze in the cracks, accelerating an already existing problem. Crack injection permanently solves this while actually strengthening the foundation as a whole.

Stopping Water Seepage In Topeka HomesCrack in Foundation for repair in Topeka Kansas

We also specialize in leak repairs underneath the home. A torrential downpour in the Topeka area may result in a buildup of water inside the concrete footing. This leads to mold and bacterial growth as well as possible damage to the support beams of the house. Water seepage may be due to foundation cracks, or it could be caused by loosened soil in and around the concrete footing. Our company performs leak repairs by sealing cracks in the concrete as well as fixing the support between foundation and exterior walls. PierMagic® is the trusted name in house foundation repairs, bringing a wealth of experience as well as modern technology to residents of Topeka, KS.

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