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Blue Springs MO, Foundation & Leak Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

At PierMagic®, we are the home foundation experts in Blue Springs. Your home’s foundation means everything to its structural integrity and problems such as foundation cracks and leaks can quickly lead to serious problems not only in the foundation, but throughout your entire home. Our foundation repair experts offer a full line of foundation repairs including leak repairs, crack injection and pier systems for homes in Blue Springs, Missouri. Your home is one of the largest financial investments you will make in your lifetime, and making house foundation repairs helps in protecting your investment.

House Foundation Repairs in Blue Springs, MO

The PierMagic® team members are the experts at all types of house foundation repairs for Blue Springs, MO homeowners. As a homeowner, you may notice your home showing signs of needing foundation repairs. Common signs that you need foundation repairs include cracks between bricks, concrete blocks or sheet rock; sticky windows or doors; and bowed or cracked basement walls.

Avoid Costly Foundation RepairsFoundation Leak Repairs By The Experts

Leaks in your home’s foundation not only cause structural problems with the foundation itself, but this excess moisture may cause floor joists to warp or rot, dangerous mold growth and damage to any of the items stored in your basement or lower living level. At PierMagic®, we offer leak repairs including our Multi-Flow Professional Drainage System. By stabilizing the exterior of your home’s foundation, this method of leak repair helps your foundation stand strong for years to come.

Crack Injection Repairing Blue Springs Homes

Cracks between the blocks or bricks of your home are not only unsightly but they can lead to significant structural problems. Our crack injection repair process fills these cracks with matching material and prevents the crack from spreading and causing more damage. Crack injection by our Blue Springs foundation repair specialists fixes all your foundation cracks within just a single visit to your home. No longer will you have to worry about problematic foundation cracks once our experts take care of the problem.

Our Unique Pier System

When it comes to foundation repairs, our pier system is at the head of the class. We use our patent pending pier system called DynaPier® composed of galvanized steel and high strength concrete and install it underneath the footprint of your home. This transfers the load from the foundation blocks to the pier system. The result of installing our DynaPier® pier system is that your home’s foundation will be stronger than it ever was before.

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