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Chesterfield MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:
Foundation Restoration and Repair in Chesterfield We at PierMagic®, the Foundation Specialists, wish to focus our business on your needs in Chesterfield, MO. We pride ourselves on our revolutionary DynaPier® system which has a track record to prove our claim as being the best in the business. This company-developed system has transformed the foundation repairs and crack injection industry. Our experienced and professional staff is competent in all commercial and house foundation repairs. Technologically Advanced Pier System To Benefit Chesterfield Area Homes  We are confident that our Pier system will revolutionize the house foundation repairs market in Chesterfield, MO. The DynaPier® system directly transfers the structural load of the building from the current footing to our engineered galvanized steel and high strength concrete because we install our Pier system directly beneath the load/footing and foundation. This high-strength concrete, which is further strengthened by a corrosion-resistant steel sleeve, has been tested by independent labs as meeting the industry’s highest standards. We are confident that we provide the most durable, reliable, and up-to-date product in the foundation repair market. No other foundation repair company may make such claims.

Foundation Repair that Lasts

To protect your beautiful Chesterfield home, we will do all of our excavation by hand. We use no heavy machinery or equipment on your property. After we carefully excavate under your foundation cracks, our pier system is installed using a high-tech hydraulic piston machine. The entire DynaPier® system is backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty, ensuring that even the toughest foundation cracks will be fixed. Our professional crack injection system will guarantee quality results. In addition, we use the revolutionary Manta Ray Anchor System to repair bowed foundation walls.

Leak Repairs To Your Chesterfield Home

We’re also excited to offer Chesterfield our professionally engineered leak repairs. These waterproofing solutions protect the exterior of your building so that potential water damage is minimized. Using our Multi-Flow Professional Drainage System, water is channeled away from your foundation and diverted to a safe area. The system may also be used as an interior drain system. This entire leak repair system is engineered to withstand loads well in excess of 6,000 psf and yet includes a heavy effective geotextile filter. The entire system comes at almost half the price of other comparable French drain systems and lasts much longer than any comparable brand. We at PierMagic® believe that our personable and competent staff can serve the Chesterfield area with unparalleled service and products. Whatever your foundation or water management need we offer the best, most reliable solution.

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