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Fenton MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:
Have you begun to notice foundation cracks at your home? Have you noticed cracks developing in any of the walls or bricks? If so, you could be dealing with a serious issue requiring house foundation repairs. The good news is, for those of you who live in the Fenton Missouri, area, our professionals at PierMagic® can take care of this problem for you. Additionally, if you need crack injection or leak repairs, we can handle these, as well. We will evaluate your situation and swiftly plan a course of action to help restore your foundation.

DynaPier® Foundation Repair

Sometimes the installation of a pier system is required for reinforcement. Should this be the case for your Fenton home, you can be confident that we use the most effective system available on the market. Instead of using the old fashioned method of merely bolting braces onto the outside of the foundation, we use our exclusive DynaPier® system. The DynaPier® system directly transfers the structural load of the building from the current footing to our engineered galvanized steel and high strength concrete because we install our Pier system directly beneath the load/footing and foundation. This advanced pier system helps ensure that your home’s foundation will be stabilized against further slipping.

Foundation Repair with Attention to Detail

In the Fenton area, our name is the one people trust for handling foundation repairs. The integrity you will find with PierMagic® extends beyond the scope of other companies. While others may promise certain things, we actually come through on our promises. We prove this in the small things. For example, other companies will bring heavy machinery into your yard to do the needed dirt removal. We do not. We remove the dirt by hand to prevent damage to the lawn, plants and trees. When the project is completed, we make sure your yard is left in the very same condition as when we arrived.

Lifetime Guarantee

Some people in need of house foundation repairs simply open a phone book or look online for a company to call. This method can result in disaster. Leak repairs that are done incorrectly can wreak havoc later. Foundation cracks left too long can create more costly problems down the road. If you are in Fenton MO, contact the company with a track record you can trust for your foundation repairs. The professionals with PierMagic® in Fenton have the reputation for high quality service and a dedication to ensuring that you are well satisfied as a customer. Your satisfaction is our success. For your foundation needs, choose the company that ranks at the top of the list for technology, professionalism and quality.

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