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Florissant MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:
In Florissant, MO. home ownership is a goal of many people. The city of Florissant has a reputation for being an excellent place to raise a family. Beautiful parks, good schools and convenient access to shopping and activities make owning a home in this area a dream. But one issue that goes along with the dream of home ownership is maintenance repair. Having a list of stable professional companies to call is important. Florissant, Missouri has a noted historic area surrounded by many older homes. It also has an abundance of newly constructed housing. Both older and newer homes can develop leaks or foundation cracks. When that happens, you need a reputable local company who can restore your home to a stable condition.

DynaPier® Foundation Repair System for Florrisant Homes

For foundation repairs, look to PierMagic®. We are unique in that we use a patented pier system created personally by DynaPier®. This pier system combines strength and integrity to provide a stable foundation that is superior to most foundation systems. Our DynaPier® system transfers the structural load of the building from the failing footing to our galvanized steel and high strength concrete. We install our DynaPier® system directly beneath the foundation. Other house foundation repair companies try to secure the foundation by attaching braces to the side of the foundation. The DynaPier® system is much stronger. In fact, it comes with a transferable lifetime guarantee!

Crack Injection Services in Florrisant, MO

To avoid costly foundation repairs, the best way is to catch them early. One of the most noticeable signs of damage are foundation cracks that many homeowners see in the floors or walls. Using an efficient means of crack injection, PierMagic® can treat the foundation cracks in your Florissant, MO home and prevent further damage. Our crack injection technology will make your foundation as strong as it was when it was new.

The #1 Foundation Leak Repair Company

Leak repairs are another reality for most homeowners. When a leak develops, it is important to treat it quickly. PierMagic® is there to take your call. We can send an experienced, highly qualified specialist to your home to ensure that needed leak repairs are fixed quickly with quality materials.

Keeping Florissant Homes Safe and Sound

Many adults spend a significant portion of their lives in the Florissant area. They may move or return to the area as young newlyweds and stay to raise their children. After their children are long grown, they often find that it is a senior-friendly area to spend their golden years. With technology such as PierMagic's or house foundation repair technology keeping homes structurally sound and beautiful, homeowners will continue to be proud to call Florissant home for many years to come.

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