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Independence MO, Foundation & Leak Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:

Independence MO, Foundation & Leak RepairConcrete foundations may look strong, but all it takes is a single crack or a few inches of settling for a home’s structural integrity to become seriously compromised. If you are experiencing uneven settling of your house’s foundation, or if you notice excess water seepage underneath the base of your home, trust PierMagic® to fix the problem. Our team of professional field technicians can restore your Independence, MO home to its original, leveled position and virtually eliminate water buildup underneath.

Using The Latest Foundation Repair Technology For Independence Homes

Foundation repairs may sound expensive, and sometimes they are. But if a house is not properly supported by its concrete base, pier system supports may be necessary. Uneven settling results in foundation cracks, eventually causing the entire structure to lean. This puts enormous pressure on the remaining strong points. Water that percolates through otherwise compacted soil can cause settling of the concrete footings. When this occurs, houses in Independence often begin to slide laterally.

DynaPier® System for Foundation Repair

Settling of a residential home caused by a sinking foundation is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The home itself loses value when the concrete foundation is compromised. We at PierMagic® are dedicated to providing a permanent pier system for any Independence home experiencing foundation problems, and we back our work with a lifetime transferable warranty. We introduce the unrivaled DynaPier® system to correct this problem. Strong posts made of concrete and steel are placed directly beneath the footing, centered in such a way that the house is leveled once more. The posts can be very deep, hitting the parent material and providing a sound base that is stronger than the original foundation. If necessary, crack injection technology is applied to strengthen the existing concrete. Filling cracks not only makes the foundation walls able to hold a heavier weight, it also means less chances of water percolation into the basement or beneath the house itself. We perform crack injection on homes throughout the Independence area and will be happy to provide an estimate for this specialized repair work.

Diverting Lateral Water Seepage From Foundations In Independence Homes

One of the major problems for homes in the Independence area is the buildup of water just below the surface. This eventually erodes the compacted sand or gravel outside the foundation walls. Our company has developed a unique system for leak repairs, one that goes a step further than merely sealing cracks. We actually install a diverting system that carries excess water away from the concrete through a series of tubular channels. This prevents flooding of the basement or crawl space beneath the home.

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