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Kansas City Basement Waterproofing Professionals

At PierMagic, we help Kansas City homeowners solve basement waterproofing problems. Water in your basement is never a good thing. But the problem is there can be many causes of basement leaks. We take the time to look at the overall health of your foundation to make sure we fix it right the first time. Call PierMagic for any basement waterproofing problems you may have in your Kansas City home.

We Offer a Free Basement Waterproofing Consultation

We take wet basements very seriously. We know that in Kansas City the expansive clay soil can cause many problems. Most foundation problems are caused by water and itsinteraction with this type of soil. We offer Kansas City residents a free Basement Waterproofing Consultation. We will come to your home and our experts will examine your foundation inside and out to determine the cause of the leak. Foundation cracks can be caused by many things – fill dirt settling, heavy or consistent rain can causing the earth to shift, even poor workmanship or construction materials could be at fault. Determining the correct diagnosis and repair method are critical before any work begins.

Before & After Basement Waterproofing Services from PierMagic Foundation SpecialistsCrack Sealing Can Temporarily Waterproof Your Basement

If the crack is inside, we can fill it with an injection of epoxy or urethane which will seal it against moisture. However, crack sealing is ultimately temporary because as soon as the ground shifts, the wall will move and the seal will be broken. It’s really just buying time and is better than doing nothing.  

A Waterproof Barrier around the Foundation is the Best Solution

The best way to control soil movement around your foundation is to control the amount of moisture around it. Ideally, you want the moisture level to remain consistent. To make this happen, we remove the soil and replace it with gravel. (We leave enough soil on top to allow landscaping plants to thrive). We add a drain all around the footing so the moisture can drain away from your home when it rains. The water drains away and the soil around the foundation is stable again because it has been replaced with gravel. No more pressure builds up outside your foundation walls and no more cracks are formed. Building this drain is the best basement waterproofing method for Kansas City homes.