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Kansas City, MO Home Foundation Replacement

PierMagic Foundation Specialists have been replacing foundations throughout Kansas City, MO since 2007. If you have foundation problems, call the experts. Sometimes foundation replacement is necessary, but sometimes foundation repair is all your home needs.

What Creates Problems with a Kansas City, MO Foundations?

There are three issues that can lead to problems serious enough to lead to home foundation replacement.

Improper Structural Support Leads to Foundation Issues

One is a concrete foundation where no structural steel has been included in the building. In an existing foundation with inadequate structure, you will see signs the structure is breaking is breaking down in crumbling concrete around the foundation walls. This is significant not just at the foundation, but because this is the beginning of inadequate foundation support for the entire structure of your home. We look for signs of cracking in walls, doors and windows that are sticking, or spaces around windows or vents where they have begun to separate from the main structure. A chimney separating from the wall is a telltale sign.

Home Additions May Require Foundation Replacement

A second major sign that you are having a problem serious enough to lead to home foundation replacement is an addition built over a foundation not made to support that weight. In planning for an addition in Kansas City, MO, site design and permits should allow for increasing the structural load or replacing the home’s foundation under that area of the home.

Improper Grading or Drainage Causes Foundation Problems

Third, improper grading or compacting of the soil, or improper drainage of the site following construction can lead to serious problems with settling of the site. Contraction and expansion of the soil accounts for a large portion of Kansas City, MO foundation replacements. Here, we will see major cracks in floors and walls telling us of serious problems.

What to expect with PierMagic Foundation Replacement Systems

PierMagic uses our exclusive DynaPier System to install a pier centrally beneath the footing, transferring the load directly onto the pier. The segments are constructed of high strength concrete in a steel sleeve, cured for maximum hardness. The segments are driven into the ground until the foundation pier hits bedrock or a dense strata of subsurface for maximum support. The house is lifted and secured to the foundation pier. With DynaPier, there are no shimmed components that can allow for slippage. Your Kansas City, MO home benefits from the strength of this system, which far exceeds the home’s original structural integrity. Your foundation replacement will withstand any pressures of the environment around it.