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Kirkwood MO, Foundation Repair

Founded in 2007, PierMagic® is a foundation repair company that specializes in:
Your Kirkwood, Missouri home’s foundation needs a firm footing, but problems with the foundation's support can occur, even if you have had foundation repairs in the past. Old pier systems have inherent flaws in them including components that can come apart, causing the system to fail. PierMagic® offers an innovative pier system that has been developed to improve upon older methods of house foundation repair. For the longest lasting foundation repair for your Kirkwood home, call PierMagic® to have the DynaPier® system installed in your home.

DynaPier® Foundation Repair System for Kirkwood Homes

The pier system used by Pier Magic is called the DynaPier®. Unlike other systems that may be installed along the borders of the foundation, DynaPier® is installed under the footing for better support. Slippage of the piers is prevented by a solid design that does not have any loose parts that could break off. Compared to the competition, the DynaPier® provides a stronger, more stable support for your home's foundation. Pier Magic is the only place to get the DynaPier® system installed in Kirkwood.

Foundation Leaks and Crack Injection Company

House foundation repairs can solve secondary issues such as leaks and cracks in the foundation. Foundation cracks can become a serious problem beyond a cosmetic issue. Water can get into these cracks, wearing away at the inside of the concrete. If you notice any foundation cracks around your home, call PierMagic® for their leak repair and crack services. These include crack injection to fill in gaps in the foundation. Crack injection is usually done after correcting any existing foundation problems. Crack injection is a safe, proven method to fix cracks in your foundation and stop water leaks that could lead to later damage. After the work is finished, you will barely notice the original location of the foundation cracks.

Kirkwood, MO. Foundation Repair with a Lifetime Warranty

Your Kirkwood home deserves the best. If your foundation becomes unstable, structural damage to your home may occur, costing you much more than the price of foundation repairs. Get the problem fixed before it becomes worse. Call PierMagic® for your Kirkwood, MO home foundation repair and crack or leak repair needs. Our DynaPier® system comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. It’s the last time you’ll ever pay for foundation repairs.

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